Two finds-one is rare-and one may be rare....

Great :) I'll will look at that later.
Apropos looking at … Already in bed it occured to me that you mentioned that "gaps" may make trouble. I've now checked the Thueche MC-P c8-1 system again regarding non-scanned bodies. It turns out that all of the bodies in the system were scanned prior my arrival by one and the same commander. So no gaps … with the possible exceptions of one of the belts of the main star (no name attached to it).
Yeah, I was just thinking that it might be another source of "Null" entries in the parents, if something wasn't scanned. Like the rare case where someone might scan moons but not the planet they orbit. But I don't think that's a huge problem in this case since we're looking for adjacently-named things anyway.
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