ANNOUNCEMENT Two new moderators have joined the team

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Michael Brookes

Game Director
Hi everyone,

two new moderators have joined the team to help keep these forums a welcoming place to discover and discuss our games. Please welcome Gwenydd and Ian Phillips and I'm sure you'll all make their lives easier by following the forum rules.




Volunteer Moderator
Let me cite the classic: "Welcome to your worst nightmare!" :D

In all seriousness, it's a piece-a-cake! At least for the international forums, where we have about a million times less threads to watch in comparison to the main forums ;)
Congratulations to the brave! We will be on our best behavior! Well. The best of the worst case scenario at any rate, so take comfort in that! :cool:
Congratulations Ian and Gwenydd, and good luck.

More mods, mods everywhere... it's the invasion of the moddy-snatchers!

Robert Maynard

Volunteer Moderator
Congrats to you both (.... or *should* that be commiserations....?) and I hope that your sojourn with the moderation team is at the very least a passably enjoyable one! ;)
Soon the entire cast of Dockers will be forum moderators Muhahahahahaha........

I mean erm yay well done we need these erm outstanding members of our community....

(goes back to stroking his cat and hollowing out volcano)


The Moderator who shall not be Blamed....
Volunteer Moderator
The Volcano has become a very strange place of late.......
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