Type-10 or Cutter as Armored Vehicle?

I want to safely transport my opals to the best buyer. Which ship would better fit the role?

Edit: forgot to mention it's for open. I want to give those pesky kitten-drowning gankers and nasty pirates run for their money.
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Tnx for the advice! Speaking of which, how many prismatics should I buy before defecting? 2 of each, without class 8?
I got 2 of each and one c8, and pledged half a year later again, to get more c6 and c5s.
Nowadays I use more bi-weaves but for some ships prismatics are very useful.
If you equip one Mamba and one FdL each you already have used up two c5.
I'd say get 4 c5 and c6, and perhaps 3 or 4 c4. (I use a c4 prismatic in my Explorer Phantom - DG2 certified gank free :LOL:)
Regardless of mode your playing in. Which ever ship you can load the most wins every time, providing you are ready in a instant to high wake when not if your interdicted.
No way for T10 to survive half-decent gankers.

Cutter has everything you need better than T10. More cargo, stronger shields, it's much faster, jumps further and only other Cutters can masslock it.

I hope you don't try to stay and fight ... although even in that case Cutter will survive longer than T10 ...
If you wanna fight NPCs, half- guns and defenses are fine.

For players, you generally wanna focus solely on combat, every advantage is needed against some people.

But hey, not everyone you’re gonna run into is gonna be on the highest level of piloting, and pirate builds aren’t 100% optimized for combat, because of the gear required for plunderin’, so maybe you’ll have a chance against people.

My advice would be to just escape and deliver your cargo. It’s not hard to get away, but staying and fighting is another story.

When I’m hauling goods, getting to my destination is priority one. I’ve got other ships to fight in if I wanna come back and shoot stuff.
I hate the cutter, love the t10, but those saying the cutter is the better choice are probably right. The Cutter can fight and dance if you're an exceptional pip fiddler, and it's 9k shield (with resistances, more if you aren't bothered) makes the t10s 4k-ish max, look rather anaemic...but the Cutter is so...kitsch. :p

I still enjoyed doing this build though...might even build it myself one day...

(oops, minor mistake, power is ok when you put the Fuel Scoop on prio 2, as it should be) ;)
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