Type 10

Lol.. I am sure it is..just looking for a starport with one? Any suggestions on where to buy it?
Click on this link, I have set the parameters up for you


In the Reference System section type in the system you are in and it tell you where the nearest station to buy it from is, I also put in Li Yong-Rui in the powers section, that chap seems to apply discounts to the ships you buy, my T9 only cost me 62,000,000 plus change to buy from one of his controlled shipyards.

Cool where did you pick it up at? And how do you like it?

I got mine at Jameson Memorial for the discount.
(edit: I got it at release so it wasn't avail in LYR space at the time, do that instead for sure.)
It's a great ship imo.
The c7 distributor pushes 3 mining lasers easily and can handle defenses well.
Really glad they decided to add that.

The cockpit visibility is amazing.
Would be cool in VR.
It's a bit less drifty laterally and vertically than a Cutter, but it still takes forever to stop!

This is pretty close to my current setup, but it shows the old c6 dist and engineering stats obv.

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The thrusters make a cool sound when slowing down from full speed. :)

The last time I used it I thought that the maneuverability in supercruise had been reduced, but perhaps it just felt that way due to the transition between ships.

It it weren't for the fact that it is classed as a large ship then I would use it more for transport missions, but I always fall back to my trusty Python.
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