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Ok Commanders it's Theory time to the extreme, but please bear with me. Many Many posts ago we had a moment where we thought the UA's might be seeds. Now all this time down the track, we may have been closer than we ever thought. Now here is the piecing it all together.

1.2 we have the very first glimpse of a wing with a UA, and many weeks later a Commander finally gets one from a Federal Convoy and the chase begins. Very slowly over time a few more surface and things start getting interesting. Something is out there.

1.3 More UA's are stolen and then all of a sudden a free floater is found. Then the race is on. More and more are found and the testing begins in earnest. We discover the morse and decode the strange signal to reveal.......... our own ships. But also we discover it is reporting its current location. We assume it is reporting to its overlord and get suspicious of its true intent.

1.4 The UA's become more and more common, and they start to give us a direction, a limitation of their expansion, and a system of origin/destination.

2.0 The possibility that there is something else related to the UA's on planet surfaces that look like Barnacles.

So this leads to the possibility that the UA's have been seed pods the whole time, and we dispersed them. This is why, The Pleiades Nebula was full of "organic based Thargoid shipwrecks" left over from the war. As the wreckage spread throughout space it came across lost and destroyed canisters from Human ships and evolved to its base form in order to survive. Its most basic form. That's why they were so rare. Just like plants that we know of here on earth, pollination and germination are the basic ways to spread in order to populate further and to evolve. It knows how to communicate because it has some basic sentience from its former Thargoid mothership and by nature it uses morse to communicate with us, as it has no other means to do so. It is still in child or basic form. Every time it dies or is destroyed, more and more spores float around in space looking for host objects.

Now if your still with me, here is the next phase.

Some of the UA's have made landfall on a habitable planet and evolved to the next phase. Barnacles. Like any offspring, it has a built in memory of its next growth stage and proceeds to do so in the right environment. But the catch is the next stage would also be feeding the UA's population somewhere inside the bubble. This is possibly an evolved form of Thargoid/Human species or maybe another race the Thargoids where looking for (that is based in lore by the way).

We have the bubble and I think we need to find out if there is indeed a higher population of UA's within the bubble in order to track down the Barnacles, using what little info is currently available to us. Some systems are loaded with UA's it seems, and Merope may just be the Birthing ground of this basic new species as it tries to inhabit other planets that are suitable to its lifeform.

If that is the case we can use this theory of UA saturation to possibly track down its next phase. The reason it disrupts stations and starports is because it has been contained and the spores from its destruction inside the station are just dying form lack of a suitable host.

Wow tinfoil hat in meltdown but seriously this is very plausible. o7

Not that tinfoil. I think it's very plausible that the UA is a Barnacle seed pod or egg capsule. I think it's just a matter of time before we start finding barnacle eggs or seeds in the shell, perhaps also in the Pleiades.

The big question is why they have arrived now?
Most likely there has been a mutation/evolution that has made them capable of hyperspace travel. This capability may have been acquired from human or Thargoid technology. Most likely human, because of the Morse and the human system names it uses.

Another possibility is that the Thargiods have genetically modified some barnacles to give them this capability. In that case, the UAs serve a purpose beyond mere reproduction.

Either way, I don't think the UAs are Thargoid, but I do think they will somehow lead to our next encounter with them.
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