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One question regarding the Pleiades Nebula:
I'm playing Horzizons on a Laptop that is on the edge of the minimum recommendations. I scrolled around the galaxy map to look for systems within the nebula.
In my galaxy map it seems that there are only very few systems in the nebula itself, like only the seven sisters and perhaps Atlas. I was looking for systems in the dark part of the nebula but could not find any.
Is the nebula on the galaxy map larger with better graphics? Can we name the systems that are in the nebula?
Thanks Michael, we appreciate narrowing the search.
I think for the purposes of continuity and those who don't follow the forums it'd be useful if this snippet of info was revealed in game through a Galnet article.

would be great to see this kind of thing on galnet!
Micheal Brooks = Ishmael Plain for much of the canonn ;)
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It's so tempting to just blow myself up so I can get back faster but then I'd loose all this lovely exploration data...

I'll reiterate what I said a few pages ago: I strongly recommend we take UA's with us to the planets we go to an listen to them. We have spent a lot of time searching and even if we know which nebula they are in it's STILL very vague, even if, as I suspect, they really are in Merope, the UA's might say something different when we land on a planet with barnacles so it's worth checking.
I say this because it seems likely they are fixed POI's, which means no amount of blue circle hunting is going to find em for us, in which case we'd need some way of being given coordinates, and the UA's have been the aliens mouthpiece to us the whole time, I think they very much want to be found.

Definitely worth investigating, but I have a feeling we need to just find one first - could be a lot of time spent on the planet surface in the SRV - and it gets damaged with UA in tow.

I actually had more luck finding POIs just driving aimlessly across the planet and paying attention to the scanner - would've been suicide with a UA on board, well - if I didn't have a load of repair materials anyway.
Given the new hint, can we make this a concerted / group effort? List all the Nebula, systems within as well as the planets which people have visited (and how many POI perhaps?) I don't have enough time, but perhaps someone could start a new thread and keep updating the first post with everyone's data?
A start:

Pleiades Nebula
Witch Head Nebula
North America Nebula
California Nebula
Pelican Nebula
Orion Nebula
Horse Head Nebula
Veil Nebula East

An approach I'll be taking is to try the systems whose names are more easy to write rather than those with jumbled numbers and letters. Looking forward to searching once again and good luck to all!

Check this out
I've recently bought Elite Dangerous and this sounds really interesting to join in.. but is it only for people with Horizons or can I still take part with the base game?
Agreed ! Needs to be on Galnet to be fair to all ....o7

I have a lunch coming up - I can write one, put it on our site and submit it to the Galnet thread within the next hour. Hopefully.

- in response the Michael's comment above - it would simply be saying something about the Canonn community focus looking for alien objects on planet surfaces in the Pleiades

- actually, have just thought of a funny angle on why the search has intensified... Involves an anagram of your name Michael (yet to be fixed) and Onionhead...
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I don't think I've ever jumped so fast, 2000LY's in about 1 hour 20 isn't bad, nearly there now! I think I'll pick up a UA and test my theory out, time to get me listening ears on.
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