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"As you get low enough, the scanner starts to show the surface height map.
It'd be awesome to raise the altitude where that starts significantly and then overlay the areas you fly over onto the surface map."

I'd like this too - you get extra height on the scanner with your landing gear down - at the expense of speed.
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I'd agree with you in the context of a traditional story. From the perspective of a multi-player game that has 400 Billion star systems, not so sure.

There are lots of other aliens out there, they will have their own agendas. If we conflate them, that's our problem, not theirs.


You make a good point, thanks for the input Drew! However the problem here was the person I was responding to was making an argument against searching the Pleiades because they thought the UA and the Barnacles were not related in any way. As Michael Brookes has been kind enough to confirm, the Pleiades is indeed were we should be looking. So it does seem in this case they are at least linked, albeit still no evidence of them being associated with the same alien race necessarily.

Ok then, how about something a little more catchy for the new thread title?
THIS, This is the best thing I have seen on this thread to date!
Somebody prod me when the new thread is up. I'm likely to miss these things.

Can't wait to get home from work tonight and have a bit more of a search around! It's a shame to see that guy a few of us ignored last night is still here, confusing the people who play during the day.

I still believe Merope is our best bet. The UAs are our friends in this search, they are not to be ignored.
Burning through resources just a phrase but also could be a possible clue if UA and barnacles are related, another lead i am following but not for now. Barnacles removed by heat is one solution taking earth barnacles.
If Obsidian has a chance lets be ready for any developments.
I think it could be a hint. See my posts:
19/12/2015, 6:16 PM #5641
27/12/2015, 11:51 AM #6718

Application of energy is a practicable method for antifouling (i.e. removal of Earth Barnacles from ships & other maritime structures), so "burning" may indeed be intended as a clue
Also, light sources are visible up to 10km or so only after they've spawned at 1-2km... in my experience that is.

Edit: Can other commanders confirm this behaviour?
Static POIs are always visible up to 10km away (but probably size dependent, Pavlou Keep is 10km).
Dynamic POIs have to spawn first.
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I've made my way out to the seven sisters in a kitted out Viper4 specifically to search the area along with you fine folk.

I'm really stupid though, so if someone could give me an idiot-proof quick rundown of the wave scanner I would be grateful.
Let me chime in on the systems as well, and Mr. Brookes' hint specifically. He said "Nebulae are good places to look, especially the one with the seven sisters in it." I don't think the latter necessarily means that the barnacles have the highest chance to spawn in the Pleiades: rather, they might simply be the best place to look by virtue of being the only nebula in the game that has a human station in it. Which does help with planetside exploration a lot.

Personally, I'll give this one a pass. Given how many hours in total have been spent by people looking over the Pleiades, as well as the hint that the barnacles are "exceedingly rare", to me this feels less like trying to solve a puzzle now and more like playing the lottery. Another puzzle CG tying in with this would be great though.
A nice tip if you want to look near the Pleiades but still find valuable stuff while you're poking around planetside: Electra 3 has vanadium (the highest abundance I've seen so far), germanium, cadmium and niobium. All reagents for jump spells. And if you're looking at gravity, it's 1.16G.
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I've made my way out to the seven sisters in a kitted out Viper4 specifically to search the area along with you fine folk.

I'm really stupid though, so if someone could give me an idiot-proof quick rundown of the wave scanner I would be grateful.
Minerals show along the bottom of the scanner closest to you. The stuff that shows at the top of the scanner indicates a POI. If you see a reading that covers top to bottom its normally a ship (crashed)

Sometimes you will see random short 'shadows' (top to bottom) appear on the scanner. I think these are POI at extreme range.

If you stay around 2km-5km above the planet your scanner will show POI as large blue circles.

You can often see the POI from around 2km in height anyway, although if they are canisters it can get tricky to spot.

Hope that helps
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Hello, casual explorer here. I just received a mission from Watts Installation in 63 G. Capricorni to look for those meta-alloys. They're offering almost half a million for one meta-alloy, and the mission text talked about them being needed for a breakthrough in the mission-giver's research. I suspect the mission might end up spawning them if I look in the right place, so tomorrow I'm kitting out a cheap explorer and heading out to the Pleiades. I haven't been following the thread all that closely, but I suspect they might appear in a PoI after all, under the right conditions.

Screenshot of the mission:
So who did the mission come from? what sort of research are they into? Is there a shipyard close by? I suspect (only a suspicion, not even a hypothesis yet!!) this is the next step towards new ship armour/structure to put us on an even footing to counter an alien threat (no, not necessarily the Thargoids, who ended up as friendly to humanity, but a new alien species)
I still think we are missing something somewhere...

Someone is bound to get lucky and find it by chance at some point, but with so much ground to cover, this could take ages. There has to be something else...

  • The 1.0g reference, although a good hint, might still not be correct. We don't know if the barnacles in the trailer were place just for that scene, and also I think MB said that there were several placed by hand, so that might just be one.

  • Maybe there is a system inside the nebula where the UA does not point to Merope? Probably has been checked, but who knows...

  • Listening to different sounds from the stars and planets in galactic and system map?

  • Some mythology reference we might be missing?

  • Some astronomy reference we might be missing?

  • Has someone tried to find a center point from all the sister stars to see if something is in the middle? (probably nothing, as they are all quite close together?)

I don't know, but I'm sure we are missing a hint.
I would like to remind everybody that we can not be certain that those glowing things we've seen in the trailer are the droids we are looking for. Therefore we should not assume that the barnacles will glow or display any other form of light emission.
An excellent point. They might also just emit the green light if you're near enough them, or it could be dim enough to not be seen from a distance.

Also, one more thing if you're looking at light sources. If nebula systems are the ones worth searching, then I'd note that procedurally generated nebulae tend to have lots of systems inside the nebula proper. Plus if you're distant enough from the bubble, you'll only get the scattered wreck and crashed nav beacon PoI-s, neither of which emit any light. However, we don't know if there's a distance cut-off for barnacles as well or not - Mr. Brookes, could you give us some clarification here? Are all nebulae possible candidates?
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As already discussed few days ago, I renew my offer to take care of the first post of the new thread.
Even if I'll be AFK for the week end, just let me know in time, and I'll be happy to reserve it, with the promise to keep it updated on a daily basis.

I've done one, I need another post from you in here and the new thread is go, go, go!
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I spent the first 10 days of Horizon in Merope and Maia driving around the planets looking for these things, I just came back now after I finally upgraded to a Conda, had more than enough money to cover the insurance came to a full stop above Maia 7 after checking out a few POI's browsing the galaxy map for a few seconds, then all of a sudden I get taken off the galaxy map and my brand new Conda is blowing up in to tiny little parts. Now I have to go back to the bubble and grind more money, I don't even know how my ship was destroyed I have floated above planets many times without incident in my Python. Looks like I'll have to delay my continued search for a few more days :(
I've just reconfirmed something in the name of, well, my interest. With the recent client patch I decided to re-confirm the UA pointing at the main star in Merope. So I dashed off to HIP 23971 to pick up a snotter, then high-tailed it back. I got interupted by a flippin' Sidewinder pirate (he dead now) and also notice that the corrosion happens regularly even if you spool the FSD as soon as it's cool. They've fixed that workaround for us. Anyway, on arrival in Merope I dropped Cedric 150 ish Ls from the main star and he dutifully pointed at it. I then flew to within a few Mm of Merope 2D and he did the same. I sat between him and the moon and let gravity sweep him into the cargo scoop.

It's not news but did give me a run out with a purpose for 10 minutes.

I highly recommend Merope as a starting point as that is where the UAs have been pointing all along. Given that we still haven't found out why, them pointing to the system location of the barnacles is the best bet we have right now.
Well, if (I'm hypothesising Jorge! ;)) UAs are related to Space Barnacles & their behaviour is similar to Earth Barnacles then possibly they are moving towards an already-established Space Barnacle with the aim of cross-pollination, or are just calling to each other & slowly congregating together with the aim of establishing in the Merope system. Earth Barnacles release a chemical signal when they are attached to attract other barnacle larvae so they can propagate the species, since attachment to a surface is permanent.
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