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Im just making a wild guess here... but maybe you guys should see how far from merope the UP and the UA still points to merope. or maybe they will point somewhere else.. ;)
It was mentioned only a couple of pages ago that they've been taken out to Sag A* and still point to Merope...Not sure how much more confirmation people need tbh :/
Thargoid mother ships are the size of small planets according to the lore. They have no visible means of propulsion hence the reason why 5c is on such a different orbital plane compared to the a and b and d. So maybe 5c is Thargoid mothership that has been there so long that dirt and debris from the local system has stuck to the craft. There has also been mention that they system looks manufactured.

Maybe 5a and its orbit was created to track Federation standard time in order for the Thargoids to be able to listen to transmissions and know exactly what time ships, convoys, or attacks might be located.

The Alliance has called both the Empire and the Federation out on the fact they are both on the search for meta alloys. We know the alliance saved the Thargoids from a fungal disease and they were given a ship in return. Where is that ship and why isnt the Alliance more active in the search for more meta alloys?

Maybe the barnacles are the antenna from the ship and they are gathering the data sent back from the probes and artifacts. Perhaps when we shoot the end of the Antennae and the Thargoids finally go to read the data from them and they cant because we shot the antennae. Hence the reason why the disappear from time to time and show back up some time later. The retract the barnacles and replace the broken pieces and re deploy them.

The image in the transmission does look like a sonar array screen. So maybe somehow these probes are going out and looking for other "Hollow" Planets that may or may not be Thargoid motherships.

I think I might have used a whole roll of tinfoil on that one. The things people think about when insomnia has you in her evil clutches.
Hi Guys,

another stupid question, anyone until now layered different Audio-recordings together to reduce the white-noise portion yet ?
With multiple samples added up, it might give a clearer picture if there are additional information hidden in the areas marked
Sorry to barge in here ladies and gents, but it seema the most appropriate thread to ask, do Meta alloys prevent UA effects on a station from taking effect or does it only take effect after the station has begun experiencing problems?
I'm going to try out a possible vector for the UP, after putting together some of the suggestions from other CMDRs today (Rizal, MassBStruction and others) and my prior postings.

I am really warming to the idea that the UP might be a baby Barnacle which was sent a long way to plant down on a specific spot on Merope 5C. So in this scenario, the UA find possible plant sites, pinpoint where to plant, and the UP are sent from somewhere to plant down at a specific spot. The specific spot is probably chosen well in advance as it might be expensive to send a UP out just to set down at any random point. So it could have a flight plan and a specific destination as seen in Figure 1.

Fig 1: Possible Flight Plan Destination?

Using the rings-as-a-line and orbital plane intersection described earlier ( ) points to a specific location on the surface. Diagrammatically, the rings are highlighted in blue, and the orbital plane in orange in Figure 2.

Fig 2: Message with highlighted rings and orbital plane:

Note the circle which is slightly off-centre is where Merope 5 would be, in relation to being directly below Merope 5c. Ordinarily this would be seen as a dotted circle as in Figure 3, when approaching Merope 5c with Merope 5 behind.

Fig 3: Approach following along the orbital plane

Flying along the orbital plane the Merope 5 circle approaches the Merope 5C navigation circle. The objective is to place the Merope 5 circle off centre biased to the left of the centre of the Merope 5C navigation circle.

Fig 4: Approaching intersection point

Unfortunately today is not an intersection day, so this current image is only an approximation within 5 degrees of the Time 0 intersection as shown in Figure 5. Note the more accurate likely site is in the upper right of this image.

Fig 5: Approximate intersection site, -5 degrees Latitude (approx) due to time image taken is not Time 0

Flying to the approximate site and looking toward the actual site, we see what looks to be a prime Barnacle site (Figure 6). This can be verified in about 1.5 days time, when the intersection Time 0 occurs. I am confident this site will be directly below if the above flight plan is followed in 1.5 days time. From prior measurements at nearly time 0 (+2 hours) and estimating the off-centre Merope 5 navigation circle the corrected site is approximately (-7, 58)

Fig 6: View of approximate intersection site with allowance for axial tilt at true intersection point.

So the approximate location as per using the offset Merope 5 navigation circle of Figure 2 and the intersections puts us in what looks to me as a prime Barnacle site. This site could be surveyed to see if there are geological features which resemble the first panel of the message (rotated 90 degrees) as shown in Figure 7 and Figure 8.

Fig 7- First panel, rotated:

Fig 8 - First panel, potential geologcal features:

A separate test may be possible to see if there is some indication from the Unknown Probe that this is the destination. It has been previously reported that the UP sounds unhappy on the surface of Merope 5C. It could be it is unhappy that, after travelling so far, it did not land in the correct spot. I propose recording the UP again at some random sites around Merope 5C and this proposed site, and supply the audio recordings with random numbers for file names, and the supplied to independent listeners for comparison, so the happiness can be independently verified. If there is an agreed happy sound, and the file was recorded at this site it might indicate that this is, indeed the destination. If there is no difference in the recordings it does not necessarily mean the site is not the landing site, but it would be good to find out what the UP thinks of it, if anything :)

  • I propose that the region around (-7, 58) could be the potential destination of the Unknown Probe.
  • The more accurate location is to be verified at Time 0 - I'll try to be on time this time :)
  • A test of UP happiness may be carried out to see if the UP indicates this location is of interest, or produces a change in the UP surface reaction

If this is indeed the destination of the UP, then looking up gives an approximate search vector for systems which may be candidates for the origin of the Unknown Probe. This search vector will always be the same regardless of the date so long as the site latitude and longitude is calculated at Time 0. Personally I plan to remeasure the site to get a more accurate location and see if some of the features in Figure 8 exist. Then work out from that location a vector perpendicular to the site at Time 0 an Exploration Plan for candidate systems to visit.

Rixaeton [wacko]
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Some new image manipulation in order to make the anomalies in the base stand out better. I took the image to the left hand side and matched it back up so it was a single image. It looked like there was some image stretch from the signal. Some background ghosting if you will. I then mirrored the 2 sides in order to make the image stand out better. Human brains like to see patterns and they find symmetry very pleasing. So I did a little work on the side images to bring out the detail a bit.



Hope that maybe viewing the side images this way will help bring out some of the details that were missed. The very first one that sticks out to me is the right angle symbol in the left hand image. Perhaps it lines up with the x,y axis on the center image?

They also look a bit like ships.
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Can anyone do me a favor and try to get a UA anomoly to spawn when in vicinity of a planet?

I spent three hours last night trying to get an anomoly to spawn in the ua shell when the nearest entity was a planet. All i got was encoded sources, convoys and degraded sources. Any time an anomoly with a ua spawned was in deep space or, historically, ivo a star.

Running with an idea that if ups only light up ivo planets, they will spawn ivo them too... though the lack of ua spawns is intriguing.
I have gotten a couple over the last week. Some deep in the gravity zone of the planet. Only around landable planets, but that's probably just confirmation bias.

Here is one, near Hyades Sector DL-Y D39 5C

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Sorry to barge in here ladies and gents, but it seema the most appropriate thread to ask, do Meta alloys prevent UA effects on a station from taking effect or does it only take effect after the station has begun experiencing problems?
As far as we know, only after.
Take a pencil, point the graphite end at your monitor. The eraser end will point away from your monitor. Get up and walk around the room, while keeping the graphite end fix on your monitor at all times. You will notice the eraser end will point in an infinite number of directions while the graphite end remains fixed on your monitor. This is called pointing. The end that does not maintain a fixed vector is irrelevant. You can choose to watch the graphite end, or the eraser. The graphite end gives you 1 answer. The eraser end gives you nearly infinite answers. Which one do you think we should focus on?

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And as for slapping you in the face once it's proven, you're several months behind. We have proven the UA points to Merope. You can slap me in the face when it's proven that the ua doesn't point to merope.
I should have clarified sorry, what I meant was that I think the pointing behaviour of the UP will change. Captured UP's point towards Merope, wild ones will point elsewhere. (And have the other head take charge of pointing there.) Right now, there is no denying it's pointing towards Merope/Merope5C. ;)

With that theory, I'm not behind, I'm ahead.
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You have to think about this for a second. If one end of the UP points towards a certain point no matter where we take it, WHERE DOES THE OTHER END POINT.
There's a serious serious flaw in your question: you assume that there's a front or a back end to this probe, and that it matters.

One end of this probe points towards m5c. You can say the other end always points away from m5c but who cares, it's just a different way of saying the same thing.
It is a difference in the purpose. I am not saying that Merope 5C is not special or not significant BUT:

I really think that it matters who is communicating with whom and who initiated it.
We know that the UAs form / formed a shell around Merope. Are they a defensive parameter or a blockade of Merope? Does the shell mark an search area?
Then there are the probes who – assuming my theory about the different pointing is correct – try to leave Merope 5C. Are they seeds? Are they indeed probes who want to explore planets within the UA shell? Do they try to break the UA blockade?

So we need to think about cause and reaction. Are the probes an reaction to the artifacts? Do they work together or against each other?
Isn't it easier to just conclude that the Probe is infact a Probe and not a barnacle seed or a baby Thargoid.
The definition of a Probe is simple: to examine something with a tool, especially in order to find something that is hidden. Overthinking what the probe could be beyond this parameters are most likely a waste of time. :)
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Isn't it easier to just conclude that the Probe is infact a Probe and not a barnacle seed or a baby Thargoid.
The definition of a Probe is simple: to examine something with a tool, especially in order to find something that is hidden. Overthinking what the probe could be beyond this parameters are most likely a waste of time. :)
Point taken.
But then: Does the probe probe Merope 5C originating from somewhere or probes the probe something out there comming from Merope 5C?
I do belive the center of the attention is Merope 5C in some way.
The UA were seen in systems inn Pleiades before they formed the shell. Could it be a response to increased traffic in the area and a way for the “Unknown entity” to learn more of who what and why before deciding to reveal themselves or wage war. They now have all the information they need in that regard and have now started to probe planets, settlements, cities and that kind of stuff. (In that case, bringing a UP to Earth could have been a dumb move)

1. Establish a scan perimeter, to monitor comings and goings and to gather information about traveling capabilities, ship weapons and defences.
2. Probe settlements to learn about infastructure and production properties.
3. ?????

If this is true we will find probes around planets with settlements and so on. Wich we haven't yet...

If they are just simply looking for somthing, we should find probes everywhere. Wich we haven't yet...

Another theory... The Alliance has been strangely quiet. Could it be that we will find the probes in Alliance space?
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