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Over the past week, a small group of Children of Raxxla (CoR) and Canonn researchers have been working together at decoding the signal in the Unknown Probe (UP). Because the Unknown Artifact (UA) had conveyed its information primarily as a code, our group narrowed its focus to the way the sound was generated and trying to determine whether or not information had been coded in the static lines and tones heard in the sound. We have largely ignored the diagram for this reason.

We’re now rather convinced that when CMDR Rizal activated his discovery scanner next to the probe, the probe made a scan of its own, looking for something it’s been programmed to find. The method by which is conveys this information is embedded in the signal strength of a number of pulses in the beginning of the transmission, what some are calling the “barcode”.

We’ve been able to see that depending on where the probe is activated, the signal strength of these bars raises or lowers in intensity. The audio feedback is proportional to the signal it’s receiving, making these probes a sort of dousing rod, by which the nose will grow or diminish in intensity depending on proximity.

"Failure" signal
Failure Sound Link

"Success" signal
Success Sound Link

(Sound files displayed with Sonic Visualizer, db^2 scale, linear bins to show decibel level.)

Unfortunately, while we’ve been able to confirm the effect, we have not been able to test enough to determine under what conditions the sound grows louder. During our testing, the probe abruptly and unexpected teleported away from the test craft, and then vanished. We are still trying to determine whether or not this was purposeful functional or not (a bug).

So we are now putting out a call to the community, and to whomever has a probe, to carry on with the search. We believe something, either in space or on a planet, is out there to be found by the probe, and when the probe is in proximity, it will point us to what remains hidden. At that point, the diagram encoded in the signal may become understood, but until then, we believe following the pattern of the signal strength is the best option.

We really don’t know what the probe is looking for, or what the superpowers might be doing with them, but it’s our opinion that we pilots should find it first.

Good luck, and good hunting.

Probe Signal Working Group

* CMDR Elfrida Goto, Canonn Research
* CMDR Ornas Diehl, CoR
* CMDR Salvor Koz, CoR
* CMDR Vent Aileron, CoR
I am going to push that post again because I have the impression that it got lost. I don't know if they bumped into a bug, but I think we should ask them to be a little more precise about their methodology

Michael Brookes

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So that means the information in the UP about the planet in the sound is NOT merope it is from a nearby planet probably in the UA range.

Its just the wording the U P is the PROBE which is something you'd think would be the thing looking since its a probe.. the artifact who knows what it is. Maybe it is the more advanced of the 2?
That's a testable theory.

I have to admit I am no longer keeping track of this thread, since too much is happening and I am supposed to work from time to time. ;)

That said, I was wondering, in the image produced from the audio, on the left: The vertical pattern that looks like a bunch of stripes also kind of reminds me of a spectral analysis for stars.
For example:

(In this example horizontally displayed, the version in the UP audio being vertical).

Each star has a specific spectral pattern, based on its chemical composition.

If this was already mentioned, please ignore. :)
I don't understand certain players' hostility towards the Canonn research group.

Canonn isn't a centralized entity commanded from a single post. It is a player group where likeminded players fiddle with whatever they find interesting at any moment. Up until last week I was looking for barnacles in Jellyfish sector. This started as a group activity but due to circumstances, most of the group fell apart before reaching the nebula. Only two ships reached the destination but bad luck befell the other one and I was the last one standing. I continued the search to the best of my abilities but drew the line somewhere. Now I'm on my return trip to the bubble.

What I'm saying is, no one is dictating what Canonn members should or shouldn't do, everyone is free to pursue whatever angle they want. Naturally there are mods given the group is run on a website and a discord server but other than that there is no central command.

If anyone didn't pursue their own research due to some Canonn member suggesting otherwise is entirely on themselves.
I can reasonably confirm that MAs do not affect the audio. I have done most of my experiments with a UA close to the UP or on board when it was in deep space, and almost always had MAs on me.
I also recently carried the ultimate test: honking the probe near on an intact barnacle site, on Merope 5 C, with one fresh uncollected MA on the ground, the UA, the UP and one MA on a spike still. Nothing changed, as far as I know.

Unknown Probe near an intact Barnacle in Merope 5C, with Meta Alloys, and Unknown Artifact present: NOTHING NEW.

Please stop asking.
ah so the directional line is to the bubble ( and the outlying ring that looks like a planet is actually the UA bubble so all systems 135-150LY outside of merope is our new search area.

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Unknown Probe near an intact Barnacle in Merope 5C, with Meta Alloys, and Unknown Artifact present: NOTHING NEW.

Please stop asking.

Oh no our search is the UA bubble itself.
Yes, a 140LY radius sphere around Merope is quite big!!
Hang on, hang on. It might not be that big (hopefully). It could just be within whatever nebulae are around within the 140ly range. If we start searching the surrounding space, I suggest we start with systems in the nebulae, and I suggest this with the thought that Barnacles are usually found within the nebulae. Or if it is indeed true that the UA/UP are unrelated to the Barnacles in every way, then we should exclude the nebulae. Its your guys' call.
That's a testable theory.

There is not a single word in that sentence that makes sense to me.

That's: Which that, there were 3 to 4 'theories' there
a: see above
testable: not sure how,
theory: they seemed more like postulates.

Not casting doubt on what Colonel Kenney wrote but you're almost adding noise to the signal :).

(note: The above is somewhat tongue in cheek, I'm mulling over all the things we know (damn little), have assumed (a lot), and ignored (undefined). Take for instance the assertion that the UA and UP have different purpose. Interesting phrasing. We know what they do but we have no clue *why* they do it. Scanning and beaming a signal is a what, not a why)
So the UA has defined the region ~140ly around Merope, and the UP has the means to find something IN that are we able to test that theory though, short of actually finding whatever it is that the probe is looking for.


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Yes, a 140LY radius sphere around Merope is quite big!!
Well, it can be organized. We need a visual of the sphere. How many systems we are taking about? How many we can rule out? Need to get a group together, first eyeballing all systems, report, work it out, if no result eyeballing it again, all Cmdrs switched systems. Again report back, if no result again, start deep scanning.

The only issue here, is that need a lot of meta alloys, UPs, and UAs..
Some thoughts on the purpose of the UAs.

There seems to be a common theory that purpose of the UAs is to send information to recipients unknown. This may well be the case. But why use a code that is so easily understood by us? It uses an ancient human code easily decipherable by anyone with knowledge of human communications from the 19th century. While alien species may know morse code it seems most likely to be intended to be received by those who can trace their culture back at least this far.

It seems very likely that there is a message intended for us even if messages are also being sent to others.

When first encountered the UAs broadcast their location in a manner we could understand. This is the UA saying: "I know where I am!"

When UA behaviour changed it broadcast a representation of our ships. This is the UA saying: "I know you are here and what you look like!"

So when we encounter a UA it knows both where it is and who (at least down to ship type) it has encountered. It may well be sending this information to others. But most importantly it is letting us know that it is has this information.

So the question I pose is why does the UA tell us that it knows where it is and that it can see us?
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