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Salvagable wreckage sites generally aren't that exciting. Is there anything special apart from the persistence?
This may be useful here, I read in another thread ( that a CMDR picked up a large data cache from a Salvageable Wreckage site (assume was deep space and not on a planet). Was able to fly to a planet, jettison the cache, then land and scan it's contents from the SRV - and go on to sell the contained data. Could such a cache of data provide a flight plan that could be followed back.......
Be vary careful with your line of thinking when it comes to seeing patterns in the positioning of every spike in a barnacle site.

Let a man look up to the night sky from earth and he'll see patterns in the stars. You can take the exact same stars he used and form completely different patterns in them.
People still see the man in the moon...even though we all know he ain't there. People still see a face on mars.
The same goes for those studying the sound of the UA's.

In my opinion this also applies in our search for more barnacle sites.

We are assuming at this point that barnacles are more likely to spawn on certain worls within a certain temperature range and on low gravity planets.
From the data we have managed to collect so far I am inclined to agree with that.
But that is exactly the problem, with such a small set of data to work with I would say that it is still way to early to start ruling out planets that don't fit in this way of thinking just yet. There simply is not enough data for us to actually make any really good assumptions as to where barnacles can be found. So I would like to urge scientists and any commander out there helping in the search to not exclude any planet that does not fit this very limited set of data just yet.

I applaud all the work all my fellow scientists, every explorer and every commander have done up till this point and who knows Palin might be able to give us some answers after having so many meta alloys to study.

All I want to do is serve as a reminder and warning to my fellow scientists.
As we all well know the human mind has the tendency to see patterns in any kind of random data and our brains try to give meaning to it, so our brain lets us see patterns.

We need to be careful as men of science not to fall into the trap of our biggest enemy apophenia.

Thank you for your attention and time.

Yours truly,

CMDR Hatake Bloodrose

PS: Time to go load up the cannons on my conda with biscuits and shoot some random planets. Who knows I might find myself a wild and elusive Dr. Archanonn :D
I messed about with an UA and a meta-alloy seed yesterday. Nothing happened, even when I got them to touch each other.

The most interesting observation is how the objects reflect light. This was in daylight (not quit noon) conditions.
The UA is very bright. Almost white. The meta-alloy is quite dark, even in the sunlight.

The grey bits on the Meta-Alloy and the darkest bits on the UA head (the bits between the ox-head markings) seem like the same material. They still reflect light very differently.

Probably just settings on the 3D models. They are most likely optimized for different light environments.

Edit: I thought I was able to spot a barnacle from 9km yesterday, but it turned out to be Commander Darwins shiny white Cutter. It was beautiful in the sunlight.:)

The barnacle became visible for me at about 3km.

Actually, during night time (on JC-U B3-2 2 at least) they do show as a small bright green dot for up to 10km (just noticed recently), but the glow is less prominent between about 3 and 5km. I made some video footage, but it's harder to tell from that. I will upload to youtube so you can see, but my upload speed is slow, so it could take a while.
I agree and have routinely checked planets outside of the accepted temperature and gravity ranges, unfortunately this is a long and arduous task for one man, I dropped into TS yesterday to see if anyone was available to help but the Gnosis was surprisingly empty, only the cleaning bots were around and I think I may have interrupted them in some sort of clandestine meeting. I hope the A.S.S division haven't been tinkering with the AI subroutines..

with the meta cg ending soon I will likely be heading back to Varati, but I intend to do another few sweeps this evening around 11pm uk if any commanders are around.
Edit: I thought I was able to spot a barnacle from 9km yesterday, but it turned out to be Commander Darwins shiny white Cutter. It was beautiful in the sunlight.:)

The barnacle became visible for me at about 3km.
This is one of the barnacles at JC-U-b3-2 2 - the other two weren't spawning for me at the time, and hasn't been night when I've visited the site again since. However, the green glow appears to be visible for up to 10km. I removed the first half of the video (for ease of upload) where I wasn't directly above it and it disappears about 8km up (probably 10km away in a straight line though).


Might need to have it at 1080p to see it though...
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