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Well after a hard landing and a breached canopy - greetings from Maia B2D!

Looks like I'm going to be here for a while. In other news, there IS a pretty nice view of Maia B from the crater I'm in :)
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Hi guys,
Not sure whether this was mentioned/answered or not, but would a detailed Surface Scanner help?
I know these were initially meant to know the surface composition of a stellar body, but maybe it could trigger the generation of barnacles POI's or have these PPOI's show up on the radar?
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When you say "placed", do you mean that if you show up in that particular place you are 100% sure to see one, or is there still a random element to whether it will actually appear or not when you arrive?
(My personal take) those that are manually placed are persistently there. The others are randomly generated based on 'spawn rate' variable, which is extremely low in most locations, but slightly higher in certain locations.
I honestly don't see how it would be possible to find these things without any actual concrete clues. Saying it is in a nebula is about as cryptic as you can get. That is an insane amount of ground/space to cover, and a thousand people couldn't do it in our life time. So many people, myself included, have just been aimlessly scouring millions of kilometers of empty wasteland. How can we possibly be expected to just randomly stumble across these sites? The chances are astronomically huge. Literally.

There needs to be some sort of in-game clue that doesn't take a genius to figure out. This is much less gameplay, as it is an unnecessarily cryptic mind game. If this whole season is focused on the UA then the 'mystery" needs to be accessible. I don't want it spelled out, but all i'm saying is that we need something to actually go by. We need to know (or be lead to)what type of planets these things like. An actual breadcrumb trail to follow and investigate. The UA orients to Merope's star, but that tells us nothing, and Palin wants a research station in Maia on B1 BA, but why is it that planet? Is it the proximity to the black hole? I am starting to think that we won't be able to find any barnacle structures until the official story actually progresses. The same way that we weren't lead to Merope until 1.4 added the ability for the UA to orient that way.

With the way that events like the Treasure Hunt was handled, I don't have much faith in the "mysteries" of this game.
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Well after a hard landing and a breached canopy - greetings from Maia B2D!
Looks like I'm going to be here for a while. In other news, there IS a pretty nice view of Maia B from the crater I'm in :)
Not unless you turn your shields off you wont, they burn through your fuel
Anyone checked the hull of their ship after a prolonged flight in space from inside a SRV?
Not from an SRV but from the classified cam and I thought I saw some light pockmarking on the outer hull of my cobra once but I had forgotten how to Airwolf and smacked the thing on a couple of knolls and killed my shields and damaged the ship.... could that have been it?
See, some of them have been physically placed by fdev in certain regions in space. That means someone chose a specific location on a specific planet in the *entire galaxy* to place these things. It has been narrowed down only to Nebulae. There doesn't seem to be a discernible means in-game to find out *why* these structures would be on those planets. Is it every landable body within a nebula?
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Thank you for your contribution Michael, feel lucky to have it considering you don't need to be doing this.

Earlier, you said you could confirm that barnacle can be found in the released game. By this, did you mean that you actually logged and went to one of the location the team have placed one to make sure we can find it, or have you found one of the random spawn?

If you found one of the random spawn, it would be great to know, without any tips as to where you saw it, as this would imply we are not following the clues the right way and need to look deeper. It would give more food for the brain ;)
He probably had someone check the code for it more than likely.

Seems like there are two types of barnacle encounters.. 1 the super duper RNG powerball lottery type.... (good luck with this one) and the 2. strategically placed location which is static and persistant and that will require serious thinking to find.
Man, you might be onto something. I understand that Brookes is a fan of Lovecraft. I also looked up PR5 and it references Kadath. Is there a Kadath star in game? In Lovecraft it is a place in the dream realm.

PR5 was an RPG adventure book, those other references might refer to paragrahps etc.

However, that's going a bit far, i can't believe Brookes would expect us to go digging up old RPG manuals.... the PR5 Lovecraft reference is too much out of game for it to be viable i think. There has to be an in-game solution, even if it requires out of game tools to decode (like the code produced by the UA).
I've copied the message from that screenshot by CMDR VerneAsimov, so we can analyze it with comfort:
For sale: two tickets for Thursday night's game. Section PR5, row 2, seats 5 and 6, dead centre, perfect viewing height. Let me know.
What I noticed is that there much more numbers there than we take into account. I'll arrange them as they go with some probability score for how plausible I think it constitutes a number:

For - means 4 (30%)
two - means 2 (100%)
Thursday - means 4 (90%) or 5 (10%)
night - means 0 (70%)

there's a point separating two sentences - could it be a point which separates longitude/latitude coordinates?

PR5 - could be Pi (3.14) * (R=5); which could lead us to select a sun/planet/moon based on it's radius - maybe its radius is 5000km or 500? or R=5256?(10%)

other things are as everyone have guessed before.

TL;DR don't skip the first and last parts of cryptic message.
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I still stick by my original hypothesis : The barnacles can be found on a crashed ship somewhere, probably a T9 or 'Conda like in the trailer. They grow by 'eating' the metal hulls and gradually replace them with their own barnacle like growths. Spoors for the barnacles could be picked up from nebulae, just like barnacles on Earth can be picked up by ships in the ocean. They may even be responsible for the ship crashing in the first place. They cause havoc with earthbound ships if their not regularly cleaned off after all :)
Seems like there are two types of barnacle encounters.. 1 the super duper RNG powerball lottery type.... (good luck with this one) and the 2. strategically placed location which is static and persistant and that will require serious thinking to find.

I don't think it needs too much thinking to find, and I have a hunch that many commanders are overthinking this too much. All signs point to Merope, even the UA's physically point to Merope, so the persistent and placed stuff that Michael is talking about is most likely in Merope. We just have to find that proverbial "needle in the haystack". FDev physically placed the needle and has supplied us with more than enough clues to point us to that one system in all the galaxy to search, and while there are other randomly generated needles in all of the other haystacks (nebulas) in the galaxy, the one that they hand placed is most probably in Merope.

But even when told a needle is inside of a haystack, it's still difficult to find said needle.....
"Dead centre" could also be the coordinates on the planet itself...meaning all the x, y, z axis coordinates are 0. Maybe that could help getting us closer.
It could be that the "Thursday log" simply refers to the next episode of Educating Ed, since that's on thursday this week. It's also about some sort of PVP competition, which could be "the game".
A code check isn't a confirmation. If the programmer made a mistake in the code and released it this way, chance are he will not notice it when double checking it.

That is why I asked him if he saw one of the perpetual barnacle, or if he found one of those ultra rare spawn. If he saw one of the rare spawn in that short amount of time while all of us spending so much time at it failed, we are doing something wrong and need to rethink our method.

If he saw one of the perpetual site, well... We need luck and to keep looking.

If it was a plain code check, all we have done could have been pure waste of time.
FD can roll the dice a lot faster than us to check the spawning method
Oh yeah I know, I'm just saying sometimes they don't even render until I get somewhat close to them.

Also, to be clear, I already look around for things as well as use the radar, but all of the installations I've seen will also show up on the radar.
This is because the POI's you are thinking of are not Fixed POIs (AKA Persistent POIs) If you find the Anaconda Wreckage in OA's video you will see that they are visible from quite a way up, they are like actual ground bases in that they are always spawned (so long as they don't glitch that is)

anyway I'm many pages behind now since my ISP is useless and cut our internet for the last 4 hours, lets catch up on the thread and see if these 11 new pages are because someone found a Barnacle!
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