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I was thinking about the wrecks that are discussed in this thread:

From all the messages, it seems quite clear that someone is working on experimental drive technology. The curved sections are probably parts from the test vehicle for these drives. This vehicle looks to be a circular tube. Like a UFO, with a hole in the middle or a small version of thee rings on stations.

The fail rate seem massive and that suggests that the technology it really experimental.

Could this be alien (perhaps even Thargoid) drive technology, that has been reverse engineered from UAs? It is very likely that the UA has hyperspace capability. This must have been interesting to drive manufacturers and others to investigate. Availability of Meta-Alloys may be the key to make this work.

Prime suspect in a venture like this will always be Sirius corporation. Perhaps in corporation with INRA. There seem to be a federal involvement as well. This could well be on behalf of shadow president Winters. She has a long history with Sirius corporation and we have hints of both shadow organisations and 'Winter is coming'.

Something is going on in the bubble. It's not just the possibility of an alien encounter that is lurking.
the FSD picture in outfitting looks similiar to an UA. maybe they are trying to install a UA as fsd...
Jaques being stuffed with UAs didn't help his jump attempt :)

Good to kno... wait. UA's? What? I have no idea what these "Ewe Ayes" are. And who's Jaques? Never heard of him... look! A laser raptor!

I completely understand where you are coming from. I do have kids and two hours a day on average is probably on the high end. I do have some periods where I have more time, but I certainly recognize that I will likely never find an undocumented barnacle.

One thing that keeps me going is the belief that we're only finding a relatively small number of the barnacles that are there. That and I'm combining it with other projects that are somewhat compatible. These projects also mean I won't spend 10 hours searching one planet, but rather spread the time on 10 planets, even though this doesn't mean I have greater chance of finding a barnacle.

And if I get bored doing it, I'll start doing one of the many, many other things I want to try in Elite. I certainly don't feel like I'm running out of things to do (in fact, it seems like my "to do list" is getting longer by the day).
Yeah... I mean, every now and then I get invigorated to do something like when the first barnacle was found in the California nebula, which made me head on out to the Heart and Soul nebulae to look for barancles. But I'd just forgotten what was involved, and I lasted four nights and checked out roughly 20 systems and four candidate planets, when my faction's expansion finally finished, so legged it back to the bubble over the next two nights.

I got some exploration and "First Finds" out there including an ELW or two, so that was something to write home about, but that was all kinda ancilliary to the objective. I know that random POIs got toned down outside the bubble, but over those four nights I think I came across two POIs consisting of mostly booze, and one USS when flying around, so nothing much to speak of from that.

*shrug* highly likely that this aspect of whatever is in store simply isn't my bag.

It was 100 hours of hunting until I even SAW a UA Convoy. Then it got away.
Ah yes, the good old days eh? ;)

One last thing: Given the UA appearing in an assasination mission on live... while I flip my next system I'm going to experiment with broader mission types. Assasinations are actually good money for the effort (up to 2m), and like the old Meta-Alloy mission and the Trinkets/SAP8's, and now the Tip Offs, I wonder if there's not something nestled in them.
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Jaques being stuffed with UAs didn't help his jump attempt :)

Reckon you've just made jmanis' day :)

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Micheal. The unknown probe... is it like the voyager probes? are they somewhere out far in a certain system?
They'll be found when we need to find them - or - when they need to find us ;)
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Been away for a while, kinda skimmed that last 70 pages. Couple questions and statements some of which are probably pretty basic but I can't seem to find the answers or contradictions anywhere:

I know it's been assumed but do UA's use FTL communication?
The "cloud" around the UA's is it actually a gas (if so which?) or does the UA actually sit partially in witch-space?

The UA's found in Merope shell will probably never point anywhere but the primary star of Merope (I'm not saying people shouldn't experiment anyway, more the opposite really) it's not really viable to point at a location within a system unless something was broadcasting a signal of it to lock on to. Assuming a beam dispersing at .09 degrees the search are for receiving any comms for it would be a .1LY radius from Merope (from 135LYs away), that easily encompasses the entire system and that moon-sized nebula said to be nearby (0.06LYs), which I'm really not sure if it's in the game - I don't have the know-how to pinpoint it and if it is in the game doubt it would have the density to set off the discovery scanners. We really need a full research paper done/released on these things.

Barnacles - Congrats to the people that found them, I had a brief gander in the California nebula before realising I lack the patience to scour planets by eye:
Have the habitable properties of the planets they've been found on been expanded/confirmed yet?
Has a comparison started yet? see if we can start determining things from differences found (if any) age.

...Might have to start helping the canonn group expand in territory so they have more political/economical/military clout.

It would be amusing if the mycoid virus became sentient somehow and is now out to eat the galaxy.
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