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I'm not entirely engrossed in the goings of the message as it's beyond my capabilities, but I was looking through the commodities market and saw an item called a 'Radiation Baffle', the description was that it was used to restrict and direct radiation emissions, nothing more, nothing less. I dunno maybe something to try out.
Just want to check has an Unknown Probe been honked when an Unknown Artefact is nearby (free floating in space and not in a ships cargo bay) as that seems to be an obvious experiment but I had not seen it listed in the Read First part of the Thread.
Looks like the BBC, Ars Technica et al have been reading Galnet ;)

'The message':

Sorry if this has been discussed and I've missed it - just noticed something - the image appears geometrically balanced, but one element is not - the intersect line in the bottom right quadrant ('step 1') doesn't appear to be 45 degrees - it doesn't align symmetrically to the grid. Is this is a meaningful angle that we have been given? Any thoughts about how we could use this? See below:

Speculation on the 'steps', any thoughts welcome with this, please correct me if I'm wrong. The order of the steps can't be confirmed, but I'm using the idea that it's binary. Each quadrant contains a distinct message or instruction, so I'm going with the idea that there are steps or stages to this message. If so, at what point are we currently at in this sequence?

Step 1: Bottom right quadrant - intersect line within the sphere, with a specific angle provided - but to where, and to what purpose? To locate a centrepoint on 5C or elsewhere?
Step 2: Top left quadrant - this could represent a signal being sent off-world. Could this have happened already? Could the UAs have received a signal from somewhere on 5C? and that's why they now point there?
Step 3: Top right quadrant - this could represent a signal being sent from space to the surface - the two lines could suggest a response broadcast to the single line of the initial broadcast in Step 1? Could this be the UP? Do we need to get the UP into a specific place to trigger something on the surface? We may already be trying to solve this step.
Step 4: Bottom right quadrant - another angle provided, intersecting the centrepoint. This time the angle is represented outside of the sphere.

Also this 'a key' newsletter business. As plenty of others have said, it does seem like a hint to either the key of A, and/or some reason why it's green, but also that it's a key (!), rather than just a map. Therefore back to Step 3 - somewhere in the image and the hint there may be a way to get the UP into the right place to broadcast the 'key' - we need to keep searching for the lock.
I think we're missing something more here... Take a look at the comparison gif under rizal's post on page one. There's a lot of information that looks like background noise, but is consistent across all the images. Perfect circles, squares, and other shapes are all being seen as non-important when in reality they could have their own meaning.

Recording this through the game with software recorders is producing way too much interference, what we need is the game file for that sound. I'm not sure if it's stored in the local files or on the server, but the only way we're going to see the full image is if we find the original file.


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Recording this through the game with software recorders is producing way too much interference, what we need is the game file for that sound. I'm not sure if it's stored in the local files or on the server, but the only way we're going to see the full image is if we find the original file.
NO! Do not even think about dipping into the game files!

Don't kill another kitten.
A few of us in cannon believe thats tidally locked. as they are the exact same. and are on both sides of the spectrogram.
Maybe related - here's something from Wikipedia on planetary longitude systems (not Earth):

Tidally-locked bodies have a natural reference longitude passing through the point nearest to their parent body: 0° the center of the primary-facing hemisphere, 90° the center of the leading hemisphere, 180° the center of the anti-primary hemisphere, and 270° the center of the trailing hemisphere.[11]However, libration due to non-circular orbits or axial tilts causes this point to move around any fixed point on the celestial body like an analemma
So, the polar axis and prime meridian facing merope gives you a workable reference for a polar coordinate system based on conspicuous natural features of the planet.
I think that's a mistake. The objects to the left and right are not artifacts of the central image. They're discrete frequency/time modulations in of themselves. They were intentionally put there so discounting them seems unwise. We just don't know what to make of them.

I'll reiterate that the audio has been intentionally tampered with. There is more than enough bandwidth and time in the recording to provide a *much* sharper image without overlayed distortion than we have. We either need to clean up the audio (which is way beyond my analytic skills, since the noise varies in frequency, time and amplitude it's extremely difficult to isolate from signal) or anticipate a cleaner audio track from a different source, e.g. a wild UP that the Feds haven't broken.
Btw. maybe someone can record the audio while every not needed ship system is disabled... basically everything but life support and the scanner. This might give a much better recording. Or has that been done already?

And it's logical that it only plays in your ships speakers. The ship just translates the signal it recieves into audio, just like it simulates the sounds of other ships.

Don't forget to turn the game music OFF! :D
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I think low frequencies of audio contains more than only noise. I recommend to pitch up it and listen. I do it all day and cant identify what voice is speaking. Im shure that voice is exist in low freqs, because I saw it on transposed diagram. You all can try same.
The interesting thing is this.
Palin has messed about with UA's and he is now an engineer. you get acess to him through Qwent, who resides in Sirius. now these 2 must be working together.
All UP convoys so far have been around Sirius and they all look to know what to do with them
So are these thins a man made adaption of a UA, with the sole purpose of finding something on Merope 5c.
Now FD did not actually say there were free floater but did say there were other ways of obtaining them, is Qwent growing these things do we need to get really chummy with him?
I don't have the invite for Qwent yet (GRRR still waiting ) so i have not been to his station. does it make UA noises like some of them do?
Nice one Han_Zen. That starts to make sense of Palin's shifty behaviour with the CG proceeds & getting kicked out of his initial research work with the Feds.
fine fine lol - seriously though, those symbols may have their own significance. What's the highest quality recording we have so far?
I'd like to mention....I've seen the sound file, It seems to have noise too...Aka The games files will as always tell you nothing....Its likely it loads it up when you "Scan" but the sound file one has a basic noise file and etc one it(Mostly just incause anyone data mines so they don't get the Clearest picture in the world)
So yeah Looking at the files wont change the look if anything the circle will be just a bit clearer.....But TL: DR? the games sound file looks pretty much 90% exactly the same as the recorded ones
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