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I'm astonished by the result, the legs, arm and bow line up practically perfect.
If I weren't on vacation right now I would race towards Rigel, Saiph and Bellatrix right now.

This image is what makes to most sense to me so far from all theories brought up here.
With this image the signal functions as a key opening a map.

I dunno how you came up with this brilliant idea but if it turns out to be what we're looking for then you're just that, brilliant!

Cheers fellow countryman.
I think his (assuming male, sorry if not) inspiration might've been taken from VV Orionis, because of the 'VV' that's undeniably there in the spectrogram on the right hand side.

Some fun RL facts about what is believed to be 'in there': two B class stars orbiting around 15% Mercury's distance from each other - an eclipsing binary - along with an extra A class star about 1 AU away. (taken from

And we can't currently get in there.
Don't get me wrong, Gypsy, I think you are working super hard to figure this out and I do appreciate it. I think it's all super cool.

Just maybe you've been staring at the image a little too long today? ;)
Has anyone tried graphing out the positions of the Barnacles on 5C? I have only found 3 sites thus far. But I have notices a few characteristics about the locations of the structures.

1.) They are in low altitude areas
2.) They are south of 5c's equator
3.) They are in a line.

Not the best snip I have done but those are my laymans observations so far.

The two Northern most Barnacles have capital ships hovering above. The southernmost site is secluded.

Probably not important, but I thought I would throw that out there.
Good luck finding anything in the Orion Nebula if anyone aims to do so... that place is a mess. Or rather a MASS. Have been there recently and gave up quickly :p
Gypsy you know the exat angle of the lower left angle? people are saying 45 , but it doesnt look like it, it looks like something between 30 and 45.
(45 is half of 90) so the "out" sides would be half of the inner side...
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