UGC- United German Commanders


UGC - United German Commanders

Democratic and free!

We, the UGC, are a group of pilots, which are free and independent.
This freedom we will not give up!
We live democracy and operate amicable diplomacy.
We have abolished slavery in our systems and taking a stand against the oppression of minorities.

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Longing for freedom and independence and the belief in equal rights for everyone drove our ancenstors from earth into the void. Wandering through unknown space far away from the trade routes of the super powers our ancestors found a new home in the system WAPIYA. Like brothers they worked side by side to fullfil their vision of a better future for mankind.

Life was hard at the frontier but step by step our ancestors built a new society. As times went by nearby star systems were populated, new trade routes established with our neighbours. Their peaceful attitude and pride about the achievements made them overlook the changes at first. Outposts and factions from the empire settled in the area and became more and more influential. They had a lot of patience but from generation to generation they tightened their grasp and pushed our culture and ideals nearly into oblivion. Imperial nobles treated them more and more like serfs, on their own ground. And then Torval came - and live became unbearable.

More and more people grumbled about their oppressors and remembered the legacy of their ancestors from central europe on old Earth. A group of pilots secretly founded the UNITED GERMAN COMMANDERS and united under this banner we began to fight back. Badly outnumbered and outgunned we were only an annoyance to the imperial rulers at first, but with the people backing us and hindering or even sabotaging authority forces whenever they could, we persevered. Unwilling to pour more and more ressources into holding an increasingly unhospitable system the ruling aristocrats finally withdrew to friendlier systems and their minions fled to outposts and ground bases. The UGC broke free of the imperial chains despite impossible odds, freed the slaves and reestablished a democratic government.

But the battle is not over, it has just begun!
Wherever you look our sky is filled with new fiefdoms of our old oppressors!
If we want to maintain our freedom we have to bring justice to them.

Our first success was BPM 16204 - a small system drained of all valuable ressources and then forgotten and left to decline slowly by the empire. Far too late the decadent rulers took our small fleet serious and called for help. When the reinforcements arrived the battle was already over. Unwilling to risk their precious ships they ceded the system to the UGC. With the support of our people BPM has a chance to thrive again in freedom and peace.

Next we arrived in Minanes, a high-tech system with 19 million inhabitants. This time the empire fought back with everything they could throw at us. Our Commanders fought valiantly but with the help of their capital ships the aristocratic bootlickers forced a stalemate upon us. But we don't give up! While repairing our battered ships we continue to spread our vision of freedom and equality amongst the inhabitants and we are greeted with open arms. Now we rallied our forces again to knock on the oppressor's gates and this time we will burn them!

Our call goes out to all you pilots who can remember the legacy of your ancestors. The reason your forefathers left earth in the first place. Join our fight to bring the people
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Following the heroic battles the UGC finally took over Rutan Terminal in the star system Minanes. This means the Minanes Allied Group has been relieved as the dominant faction.

After the 1st War of Minanes - which unfortunately ended in a stalemate - the UGC-admiralty was able to persuade the 3 menbers of the High Council to initiate a second campaign. Countless UGC pilots answered the call and swarmed into the Minanes-system again.

This time the strategic planning proved to be excellent. Even the great number of imperial dreadnaughts sent into the fry could not prevent a UGC victory but only slow it down. In contrast this time the UGC pilots seemed to be pleased about the dreadnaughts considering how fast they were able to drive them out of the system again.

From the tactical point of view the idea of High Fleet Command payed off very well to equip a number of ships with gimballed weapons to tear apart the fighter cover of the imperial dreadnaughts. The fighter cover went down within 20 to 30 minutes and then the dreadnaughts were attacked systematically by all kinds of ships.

UGC has not only taken over Rutan Terminal but is now also the dominant faction in the Minanes-system. Slavery and all the other cruel excrescences of imperial government are history from now on!

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Now it`s time for big business....
The Achenar Immortals have declared war against the UGC....
Because we have expanded to Minanes...
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You didn't do a very good job of speaking with us diplomatically did you?
We have had diplomatic relations with you for months and you've not said a single word.
Just expanded round our system and undermined an Imperial faction.

Minanes was free until you slaughtered millions of innocent women, children and cats in your thirst for power.

This will not go unpunished.

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That's not right...
We did diplomatic agreements with the AI.
CMDR Jägermeister was our contact.
None of us has punished the AI. None of your CMDRs should do action against the UGC.
We have freed the system Minanes from the imperial agressors. Your group was never seen there.
And now you have declared the war?
Why didn't you talk to us, if that was the wrong way?
Who is the fool in diplomaticaly agreements?
Not the UGC or its ambassadors....
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Woah there my friend.

We have been trying to talk to you for WEEKS and you have blatantly ignored us.

CMDR Jägermeister was so frustrated and upset by your lack of communication he has stepped down for health reasons.

He said, "I've tried until I'm blue in the face. They just ignore me."

We have tried to speak to you regarding the BGS of our system and if there's any way we can come to a mutual cooperation but again, you ignored us.

When we expanded and inadvertently entered your system, you ranted and raved at us, and then went back to ignoring us.

You think we should listen when you speak but you don't need to listen to us?

You think we are beneath you?

This is the only way we could get you to talk and you're not ignoring us any more.

NOW you will listen when we speak.

If you want to come back to the negotiating table, make a request at our embassy on our webpage and pray
Jägermeister still has a desire to speak to you.

Have a word with your diplomat and find out why he has lead you down this path to war.
Latest news:
We had barely freed our neighbour system Minanes from the reign of terror and begun to heal the wounds as we were attacked by a fanatic faction from the empire, the Achenar Immortals (AI). At the same time the council of the United German Commanders (UGC) received a formal declaration of war that shows how influenced the AI is by the ruling propaganda. The UGC would NEVER attack civilians, these citizens have begged for our help! It is scary to see how much support our old oppressors can mobilize. After some fierce combat operations in WAPIYA, MINANES, PARAS, the UGC is able to bring in some reinforcements from like-minded pilots like the AI did from the beginning.

Rumors about covert operations from the AI are traced right now. Open hostilities are going on unabated as no side was able to get the upper hand. We are deeply moved by the active backing of the Blood Brothers of Alrai (BBfA) and other Commanders that fight at our side for the freedom.

We call out to every Commander that can still remember the values and virtues of his (or her) ancestors to support us in these dark hours. Sic semper tyrannis!

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@CMDR Judder Man:
the last news from CMDR Jaegermeister was from march 1st.
He has invited us to join your new forum.
We have done so, and then there was silence, i've nothing heard from him or another CMDR of AI....
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Interesting... Talking about other groups while working in PG. You seem to be a very noble group!

But please, continue to complain about us. We can deal with it. ;)

This picture above is from sunday, 1st of may.
Our play in group is a reaction to the internal AI order

Fact is:
1. We have expanded to Minanes, no one of the AI was there, no minor faction, no players.
2. After our expansion was finished, the AI declared the war against the UGC on April 29th
see the following internal order of the Achenar Immortals:

3. we went to PARAS and Wapiya in open play only.
4. after reading this internal AI order, we have decided to use group play also. This was on saturday, april 30.

The UGC is no friend of "group/solo", but if the AI is so cowardly and give this advise to their members,
we'll strike back with the same ingame-"feature"!
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I like how the AI is transparently attacking a rival for the wildcard position before the vote can take place while using nonsense justifications, and they think they can still take the high ground by shaming UGC pilots playing in private groups while they do the same.

Come on now, Immortals. You do remember that the DG Wildcard is selected via popular vote? Attacking someone for a BGS expansion (which is random and uncontrollable) into a system you aren't even present in isn't going to make any friends, nor is complaining about tactics you also employ while you have >2/1 number advantage leaving out the swarm of allies you called in. If my PC was fixed yet, I'd be out there messing with you and I've never interacted with a UGC pilot in-game before, or even visited that area of space! I know your stated purpose is galactic conquest but come on, at least be honest about your reasons for attacking people.


This picture above is from sunday, 1st of may.
Our play in group is a reaction to the internal AI order

Fact is:
1. We have expanded to Minanes, no one of the AI was there, no minor faction, no players.
2. After our expansion was finished, the AI declared the war against the UGC on April 29th
see the following internal order of the Achenar Immortals:
3. we went to PARAS and Wapiya in open play only.
4. after reading this internal AI order, we have decided to use group play also. This was on saturday, april 30.

The UGC is no friend of "group/solo", but if the AI is so cowardly and give this advise to their members,
we'll strike back with the same ingame-"feature"!

When your opponent accuses you of hiding in Private groups, remind them their standing orders dictate the same. Well played sir!

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Fighting Back

Well, we're flexible enough to fight back the same way we were attacked. They get their own "medicine".
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Well, if it helps I totally ganked their hero and living God-Prince CMDR Elenar right under the noses of all his body guards during one of his rare expeditions into the slums of Open.
Well done! THX for your support!

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Campaign Counterstrike, 1st UGC-Offensive

With the declaration of war which the Achenar Immortals (=AI) posted completely surprising and lacking every normally taken diplomatic pre-actions and the first hostile activites UGC launched their first counterstrike.

Numbers of supporters from allies, freelancers and other pilots with a strong sense for freedom and friendly ties for UGC stood their ground together with UGC's own forces and raised their first successes. AI's influence was weakened in all primary starsystems. Before all the battle in the system Paras - AI's own homeground - resulted in a significant loss of influence for the AI-agressors. Mixed wings have run several assignments with so differing mission profiles like escorting, surveillance, space superiority and combat.

Because AI and their accomplices completely eluded themselves from direct combat and relied almost completely on economic and security-relevant warfare UGC-pilots saw themselves forced to pay back in the same way so they would be able to force the enemy back. Within a few hours UGC-pilots and their allied forces swarmed out into the systems Wapiya, Minanes etc. and stood their ground.

The Blood Brothers from Alrai (BBfA) kept the systems around Wapiya and Wapiya itself clean of hostile forces. Several hostile pilots were killed including the destruction of their ships like a Federal Corvette and several Fer-De-Lances.

Primary objective was to hold the systems. Simultaneously the UGC admiralty ordered a potent taskforce to overrun the Paras system. Unimpressed by the armed skirmishes the pilots flew countless combat-missions in Paras, to weaken the system's internal security forces to open a second front for ther agressors to face.

See also:!/KGqKzajwI6iYi1uDyOu
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UGC-NEWSWIRE 03.05.3302

Day 4 of the AI-War
Campaign Counterstrike, 2nd UGC-Offensive

The long term strategy pays off. AI have severly lost influence in their own homesystem Paras and are close to losing it completely.

Joint efforts of UGC and their allies made it possible to launch numerous attacks against almost every sort of space-traffic and internal system security. Besides that UGC lended the Paras Corporation a helping hand to empower them to warship the AI in their homesystem. AI is the leading party in Paras and also owns the main station Wilson Terminal. If AI loses that Coriolis-station it will be history as the dominating faction of Paras. By now the AI-influence is down to estimated 32% from once being the dominating party.

Our Special Operations Command had authorized several reconaissance missions to find out if AI is on expanding into any other system within a range of 20 lightyears around Paras. If so, UGC will follow afoot and hunt down whoever has an AI-plaque on his/her vessel - no matter what his/her intentions are.

Rumors AI has also expanded into the Liu Di system had proven wrong so far. Nevertheless UGC will keep a close eye on that.
UGC-NEWSWIRE 04.05.3302

Diplomatic Note
By today the UGC announces the signing of a coalition treaty with Enigma Dyson Syndicate.

As the UGC herself the ED-Syndicate is also an independent faction - no power and no allegiance.

Currently the contract includes respecting and non-attacking policy of starsystems of the both factions and a prohibition for attacks against coalition-pilots. An extension of this treaty is an option for future negotiations.

Pilots of the ED-Syndicate currently have no official orders to interfere with the ongoing war between UGC and AI. If any pilot of the ED-Syndicate sympathises with UGC and participate in any actions for UGC these actions are tolerated.
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