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@Drakmurze: As a diplomat from the UGC I could offer you first (voice) contact on discord, ts, skype :)

@Maxmilian Czhilli: Thanks for your kind words. Rest assured we would continue with regular news in case we get a wildcard slot ;)
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UGC-NEWSWIRE 12.05.3302

Day 13 of AI-War
Campaign Counterstrike - UGC shows mercy
The unprovoked agression of Achenar Immortals (=AI) and a huge number of mercenaries against the United German Commanders (=UGC) ended in a full desaster for AI and it happened on all levels. They lost the real combats, the economic side of the war and even their homesystem Paras. Even the undermining-tactics AI-leaders ordered their pilots to perform were far too inefficient to avoid the loss of Paras.

UGC was able to get support from a lot of other factions in the area and from a huge number of freelancer pilots as well. The principles the UGC stands for like freedom, repect for everyone and self determination paid off well.

After 12 days of war on all levels the influence of AI in Paras was hammered down to less than 2% and the faction Movement for Paras Free directly supported by UGC and her allies had gained control in Paras and its main station Wilson Orbital. UGC had reached its objectives in this armed dispute so they saw no reason to continue the hostilities.

Although AI never surrendered or agreed to a cease-fire UGC stopped all hostililties after the fall of Paras. Even refugees including the aristocratic AI-warmongers are given safe conduct if they wanted to leave one of the affected systems. Prisoners of war are treated according to the interstellar charta and will be set free as soon as possible.

UGC shows even mercy towards the AI-faction itself. The press officer of UGC's High Council made the Council's position clear in a statement: "UGC does not want Paras and it does not even want Wilson Orbital. We deeply regret all the victims this conflict demanded already and that we couldn't achieve a diplomatic solution due to the erratic communication and behaviour of AI represantatives. Our actions were dictated only by self defense against an aggressor. We offer the Achenar Immortals a helping hand to get things under control in Paras again. They sole thing we demand is to stop hostile actions like undermining and hindering free space travel and trade and then they can simply ask for help. We always wanted and still want to be good and fair neighbors!"
UGC-NEWSWIRE 14.05.3302

AI-War - Diplomatic Thawing?

There are first indications of an ease in the relationship between the Achenar Immortals and the United German Commanders.

Prince Elenar has stated the whole campaign a mistake. Due to the fact this comes from a high-ranking imperial aristocrat this can be valued as a formal apology by all means.

Considering the statement of UGC's press officer Commander Gunny1 who is also one of the three members of the High Council this may indicate a general improvement for their inter-faction-relationship.

Both parties have already made official statements that friendly neighborhood is what they are really looking for. The people in the surrounding systems near Paras and Wapiya are looking forward but still have well-founded doubts about the course the relationship will take from the aftermath of a brutal war which more or less just ended a few days ago.

Direct diplomatic contacts have still not been made between the two, but the future will show how serious the words from both sides can be taken.
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Diplomatic note

Diplomatic note

As an ambassador of the UGC I send my deep regrets about all the suffering the decisions of the AI command has caused for their pilots and citizens. Whatever led them to start this war in the first place (maybe poor judgement, maybe the failure of your diplomatic communication channels) let me stress the point that we never intended to harm our neighbours. Our actions were purely dictated by self-defense and I hope we can avoid such horrible incidents in the future by strengthening our diplomatic contacts.

Best regards,
CMDR Aidan Abacus
Ambassador of the United German Commanders
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AI - UGC - Secret Summit?

Rumors have it that Commander Luchslistig in his role as member of the UGC High Council has offered Prince Elenar a meeting via holovid-conference to open talks in an informal way. The unofficial talks were neither confirmed nor denied from even one party.
Galnet Broadcast - UGC appeals to the Pilots Federation for Power Status

Greetings Commanders!

The citizens of Wapiya have a long history of being the outcasts that dates back hundreds of years to the Sol system and that repeated itself in our home system Wapiya. We only wanted to live a self-determined peaceful life but weren't allowed to do so first by the federation and then by the empire, whose nobles ruled our system far too long.

During this time our culture and history have been pushed nearly into oblivion so we were glad that we were able to uncover some antique historical data caches recently. While we were in the process to retrieve at least a part of our history we were forced into an armed conflict and had to focus on the matters at hand.
Considering that not so long ago we broke the chains of imperial dictatorship and freed our system, isn't it ironic that these attacks came from an imperial force, too?

Fortunately one part of our history never failed us, the Wapiya Dark Beer, which in times of sorrows gave us hope and strengthened our will to revolt and reclaim our rightful freedom.

Even the long peroid of oppression couldn't erase the memory of our values of equalitiy and deep respect for the dignity of each individual, it was always there, smoldering in our hearts. When life became unbearable under the rule of our imperial oppressors it flared up again and allowed us to finally break the chains. This fire still burns in our hearts and we will not accept our citizens to suffer again by any tyrant!

And now that peace is at hand again we encourage everyone to drink with us and share our feelings of happiness.

But people everywhere in the galaxy don't only suffer under selfish rulers, some are even deprived of the most basic neccessities of life like food and medicine and even Wapiya Dark Beer! With the knowledge and technology of today this is completely unacceptable! If the pilots federation accepts our appeal to be elevated to the status of a power we could do much more, we could foster progress for humankind in all areas, be it science, technology, exploration, colonization or simply a secure home for those who are tired of the petty infighting of the current powers. It's our duty - and YOUR duty - to better the lifes of everyone instead of clinging to the archaic concept of most rulers today that might makes right.

This concept should be beneath you, Commander, so join our fight to bring the people
UGC-NEWSWIRE 17.05.3302

Wapiya - Pirates Try to Block Brothers Vision
Some sort of aftermath to the AI-war (we've reported in detail) has emerged. Pirates from ROA try to block Brothers Vision (=BV) and to terrorize free trade and travel. Well, they seem focused on late afternoon or mostly night hours for their "working hours" because none of them were seen in the last few days at earlier daytimes - neither in normal space nor hanging around in supercruise.

A lot of pilots report they first felt like blockade runners when launching from BV. But when they realized nobody was out there to threaten them anyway the concerns were gone instantaniously. Only later in the evenings a few ROA-pirates showed up but were kept busy by UGC-forces to buy civilian ships and traders a chance to run their own businesses.

We will keep you updated, so stay tuned!
*Puts some barrels of Wapiya dark beer into the thread*
Thank you all for your support...enjoy a good cold and refreshing glass of our famous Wapiya dark beer with us...CHEERS! o7
Thank you very much Commanders MDification and Goose4291 and of course everyone from the AEDC! o7

Here...have also some of our freshly baked bread...not this industrial biowaste you get in most shops *shudders* shoud be there when our friends from the french community visit us...they always bring this epic cheese and red wine to the party :)
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UGC-NEWSWIRE 17.05.3302

Wapiya - Tourist Attraction Works Like Magic
Today a very interesting letter to the editor came into the NEWSWIRE's office:

*Looking out of the window* ah yes, the formerly feared pirates of the RoA-clan have started their shift work again. A rather sad story this is ... although we usually do not endorse murder and piracy.

We worried about them a little bit because we didn't hear from them for quite a while and they've dropped by now and then in earlier times.

Our search&rescue (S&R) teams found a few of them in some sort of comatose state drifting through space. The S&R teams brought them into sickbay on Brothers Vision. The medicals diagnosed that they have more or less resetted their brains due to all the unhealthy stuff they have consumed through their entire life. The excellent biotechnologists could reconstruct them so far that at least their quite respectable abilities as fighter pilots could be conserved. The drawback is they need lengthy pauses to recover between their WASO (=wake after sleep onset) phases.

UGC thought hard how to ensure a humane existence for them. Someone came up with the idea to let them patrol in their combat-ships as tourist attraction for visitors on Brothers Vision. The idea proved to be a stroke of genius! The RoA are a real tourist trap ... they still use their barbarous lingo. Even the Achenar Immortals visited the spectacle and brought a lot of guests with them.

With Kind Regards,
Aidan Abacus
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Congratulation all UGC team for this achievement in the first Wildcard round. :) And GG to the BBfA and the other German groups for their support :)
We will see us for the second round ;)

Thank you very much Commanders MDification and Goose4291 and of course everyone from the AEDC! o7

Here...have also some of our freshly baked bread...not this industrial biowaste you get in most shops *shudders* shoud be there when our friends from the french community visit us...they always bring this epic cheese and red wine to the party :)

As you know, we are every time ready when the topic is to celebrate something :D
Dear Commanders,

last week we've received an invitation to AIs Birthday Party.
We will join the proud AI Commanders and deliver tons of our best "Wapiya Dark", a strong beer with the best taste in the known galaxy. :)
A few wings of the UGC will enter Paras at sunday evening.
Please be careful, chances are that some CMDRs will drink some bottles while they fly...:D

We're looking forward to a great party....

best regards

Luchslistig [UGC]
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@MDFification: Thank you very much for your support. :eek:

Just a little remark from my side as a known member of the UGC and as a volunteer moderator:
I will refrain to even consider moderation as this would certainly give the impression as if I am biased and leave it instead to every CMDR himself (or herself) to investigate this accusation for himself (or herself) and make up his (or her) own mind.
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