UGC- United German Commanders

just accept it. cheats not rare, so much people use it.
Just because you say so? No way! LOL

About cheats...if you know where to get them that's your business...I am not interested in this information...but that's quite revealing to everyone who has a brain :rolleyes:

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About the UGC: Some of you may still remember the time of anticipation for a new Elite. Everyone was very friendly, honest, kind, helpful. As the numbers of Commanders grew we lost some of that spirit in the open forums. The private forum of the UGC still holds true to this spirit of honour, honesty, kindness and we help each other and we are curious about everything our sandbox galaxy has to offer.

About the campaign to defame the UGC: We have enough background information now that we can put the actions of the people (I don't want to call them Commanders) behind it into perspective so they can't really hurt our feelings anymore. Although we doubt the accusations we will investigate each and every one of them as - if true - the actions of single UGC members would make me ashamed and are clearly against the spirit of the UGC as a whole.

About EDDE: As I am also part of the wonderful moderator team of (EDDE) I want to take this opportunity to invite every international group that has some german-speaking members to present itself at this forum and get in touch with the lovely german-speaking community and maybe recruit some new members. Don't worry if you think it would be too much work to translate your most important background info, you will find helpful Commanders there. Recently the fuel rats showed up and had no problem to find help, I personally did translate some of their guidelines as I respect their mission very much.
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This evening we will visit AIs Birthday-party in Paras...
Just be careful. Some Commanders got many tons of beer in their cargo hold....

Looking forward to a nice, peaceful event...
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The UGC visited the AI with more then 16 CMDR and delivered 1080 tons of finest beer.
Hope that the headaches will be not so hard tomorrow morning.....
The UGC visited the AI with more then 16 CMDR and delivered 1080 tons of finest beer.
Hope that the headaches will be not so hard tomorrow morning.....
It was with great pleasure we met the UGC at Wilson last night :)

My head is still very delicate this morning lol
Mein Gott in Himmel! You make some good beer!

We wish you all the best in the coming wildcards and now I'm going to try and sleep this head off :D
I hope you didn't drink too much!
Wapiya Dark Cervisia is a strong Bockbier with much more alcohol than a normal one :)

So be a little bit careful with that. :)
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We were asked for a "Face" of the UGC/BBfA-Coalition...
We have one.... it will be published very soon.... ;-)
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Visions of Wapiya - Preparations

"I beg your pardon?" Ambassador Abacus said in a dangerously calm tone. "You certainly didn't want to tell me that our ships are not fully prepared for the next challenge of the pilots federation?" he added. Slowly he started to wander down the line of the assembled pilots of the UGC. "You do realize that we have sent a request to be elevated to power status, don't you?" he continued addressing no one in particular.
"Gentlemen, I have to remind you that we are not the only faction that sent this request. We have to assert ourselves against a formidable selection of other candidates and have few time left to finish our preparations. So please check that all the ships we ordered were delivered, check the ships configurations and after that check everything again. We have commited ourselves to this venture together and we will persist it together. I expect nothing less than you all giving your best. Dismissed!"
With a nod directed to the council members he left the hall and headed back to the communication centre. "And you can rest assured I will do my best for you, too" he thought by himself.

An informal meeting of UGC and BBfA members to discuss matters at hand. As we have learned from history inequality always leads to corruption and abuse of power by selfish rulers. This is the reason we live democracy and respect the opinion and vote of every member equally.

The UGC will always stand faithful to their principles -
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Paperwork inbound?

Visions of Wapiya - Councillor Drake's Office

Paperwork ... paperwork ... paperwork ... it never comes to an end. When he had been voted into the UGC's High Council he had had no idea how boring parts of this honorary position would be. UGC's application to get levelled up to power status did not change it for the better but even for the worse. His last registered flight hour piloting a ship by his own ... he could barely remember ...

"Ok, I have two eager and efficient assistants here. They can sort things out." Councillor Steven Francis Drake (aka CMDR Gunny1) thought.

He decidedly walked over to the locker containing his belongings and opened it. The pilotsuit with all the usual addons belonging to it was hanging in it. The same applied for the helmet and the sidearm. He grabbed his belongings and changed. First he was surprised how familiar but nevertheless good it felt to be in gear again. He had missed it thoroughly although he hadn't noticed during the last months.

The way to the High Council's small spaceport near the seat of the Council was a short one - the two locations were connected by a magnetic subway covering the distance of 2 kilometers in a minute. He was thinking about which ship to choose for a small trip. He had a few at hand like a Cobra Mk III - the ship he liked most. The one he also enojyed flying was the Imperial Courier in the next hangar. The Federal Assault Ship and the Python were way too heavy for having some fun. And his Imperial Eagle ... well, it was a tincan at best. So the choice was up for the Cobra or the Courier. This time he decided for the imperial side.

Getting on board was easy as always although the ship's sleek shape seemed similar to ancient warplanes of the 21st century on Earth. He put on his helmet and got his pilotsuit and the helmet connected to the ship. Almost instantly the HUD on the inner side of the helmet's visor flashed up with a lot of information. Due to the fact the ship had not been flown for quite some time he decided to go through the checklist.

"Power ... Check"

"Life Support ... Check"

"Computer ... Check"

"Comms ... Check"

"Thruster ... Check"

"FSD ... Check"

"Defensives ... Check"

"Weapons ... Check"

"Flight Operations, this is CMDR Gunny1 requesting permission to launch."

The first response was some sort of interference but then a voice came in loud and clear.

"CMDR Gunny1 this is Brothers Vision Flight Operations Center. Sir, do you mind when we organize an escort-wing for you? Due to the troubles during the last weeks ..."

"Thanks for your support FOC but I think that's not necessary."

"Aye, Sir. You are cleared for launch then. Be aware of some heavy trader-vessels incoming."

"Will do. Launching now."

The launchpad moved upwards and he could do a first glance into the interior of Brothers Vision. The thrust deflectors moved downwards to give way for the small but agile Courier he was sitting in. A few seconds later he was notified by the onboard computer the ship was free now. Gently he pushed the maneuvering thrust controller to lift the ship a little. When it was slightly floating above the landing pads he stowed away the landing-gear and put some thrust on the main engines. The Courier responded to it like a racehorse to reins. Only seconds later he boosted through the station's airlock barely avoiding a collision with a T9-freighter coming in by rolling the ship to the left.

"Oh Lord, what a great feeling!" he thought.
Visions of Wapiya - the calm before the storm... (from CMDR Juniper Nomi Tar)

The command was issued, that every ship should be in best order for the "dangerous games".
Her hangar was filled with more than twenty ships, every one fitted for it's specific task. Her federal military trainer taught her directly:
"For every task you need the right tool! If you dont have it, try to organize it! Buy it if you can. Steal it, when you have to. It will cost you dearly, if you do not have the right tool at the right moment!"
Now it was part of her live. Always and everywhere.
She was trained as a federal Pilot. Later in her career she could take part in an programm, that should grant her "special abilities". She would not have attended the "programm", if someone would have told her it was changing her to an "agent". Much of her human side, body and soul, was not left aferwards.
"But why on past brooding", she thought, "Move on!"

Except for the Cutter all ships where waiting and ready now.
Juniper worked through the maintance-lists, assited by Pandora, the advanced artificial inteligence of the UGCS Arthur Guinness. The ship was the pride of her fleet. It could carry up to 720 tones without fuel scoop. With fuel scoop sixteen tones less. The ship was far from defenceless and not without reason: it was the most expensive one.

"Pandora, check the energysystems!"

"Checking... Done! All System nominal!"

"FSA and thrusters!"

"Checking... Done! All System nominal!"


"Checking... Kinetic weapons... OK! Thermal weapons.... OK! Plasma acceletrator... OK! Adjusting targetingsystem... Done! All checks done! All System nominal!"

"Ok, Pandora. Work your way through the rest of the list. I take care of the installation of a new fuelscoop."

"Roger commander!"

Juniper called up the starport services of wapiya and ordered an 4A fuel scoop. It was aviable. Two hours for delivery and four more for installation and testing.
She orderd the component and the required tech-team. The UGCS Arthur Guinness would perform at its best!

Thereafter Juniper sank back into the Tempura(c) fitted pilot's seat. It clung to her body, warm and compfortable. She began to doze. Hopefully, she would be able to sleep for a few hours and her inner deamons would leave her alone. About that she could never be sure...
Visions of Wapiya - Let the games begin
Proud and a bit wistful Ambassador Abacus observed the departure of "his" Commanders through the window. Now the time had come, now it would be revealed if the "Vision of Brothers" of freedom and equalitiy for everyone linked only the UGC.

The Ambassador laid a hand onto the window, only a few centimeters divided the well occupied observation lounge from the deadly cold and vacuum of space. And still he was dragged into the void again and again, he was almost able to hear her whisper like a siren's song trying to lure him out. He knew this void well, he had traversed it for years, both the sphere colonized by humankind and beyond, even far beyond the centre of the galaxy. Restless he had traveled from here to there, had traded, had fought, had tried to settle disputes between citizens in a diplomatic way. Until he came here to Brothers Vision in the system Wapiya.

In the "Vision of Brothers" of freedom and equalitiy for everyone he was able to see a worthwhile future for humankind for which he devoted all his vigours since then. He had joined the few United German Commanders then and had fought with them for the freedom and independence of Wapiya. Although he sometimes missed the freedom of the free rambling through the void he would continue to do his best to turn the vision into reality.

"If my duties here allow it I will join you and fly at your side again, Commanders". With this thought he turned around and headed back to the communication centre to review the latest infomations from the pilots federation.

Visions of Wapiya - Reflections of Jo`Ba (from CMDR Jo`Baccaroo)
Thoughtful the cat creature Jo`Baccaroo stood on the landing pad and obeserved the departure of his comrades. Nevertheless he would be out there in a few minutes himself to join them.

The coming days and weeks will be a challenge. In some regard more demanding than previous times of trouble that his comrades of the UGC were able to manage with unified vigours each and every time however.

His mind wandered back to the day - which is so long ago already - where he came here as a hunted man, hunted for no good reason, simply looking for shelter and found a new home and friends.

"Jo`Ba?" he heard Clark asking behind him who had disembarked again because his employer and friend didn't reach the cockpit yet.

He turned around and was amazed again about the marvel of engineering that had transformed a humanlike robot into a creature that one could barely distinguish from a human. In reply to a question from friends if he believed that Clark had something like a soul as he always reacts so humane Jo`Ba had answered in days of yore: "Jo`Ba doesn't even know if he has a soul himself. How is he supposed to know?"

"This one is coming already, Clark" he said and his smile would have made more than one human nervous as his razor sharp fangs were visible then. "Jo`Ba had to reflect about the past here and about what we have achieved here together. Grateful he is. But let's depart now. We don't want to arrive last at the destination as we did so often." he added.

"You always linger about, Boss." teased Clark. "Jo`Ba doesn't linger about, he is philosophizing." he instructed him schoolmasterly.
"Then philosophize yourself to the pilot's seat. I will type in the coordinates of the destination" Clark laughed. "Route calculated, ready to jump!" he reported from the copilot's seat then.
"Tower to "Fips Remembrance III", you are clear to depart! Have a good flight and a safe return home, Sir! " it sounded from the radio box.
"Thank you tower! Bright moons and free skies!"
Slow and majestically the Python rose from the landing pad she was resting until now.
"May we all meet again wholesome." mumbled the cat man as he slowly pushed the throttle forward.
UGC-NEWSWIRE 02.06.3302

Day 1 of Rise to Power
Community Goal 1, Gold Rush

Today an urgent message reached the desks of UGC's High Council. And it was of course distributed to all who might be interested or willing to help. The game "Rise to Power" starts.

UGC had applied for entering the exclusive club of powers in the inhabited bubble of our galaxy. Now this exclusive club had opened the "games" for the applying parties lasting three weeks (as far as we know). The parties are:

- Adle's Armada Coalition
- Black Birds Squadron
- EG Pilots
- United German Commanders Coalition
- Wolves Of Jonai

The UGC High Council therefore asks all supporting factions, freelancers and all other pilots believing in the same principles the UGC stands for - they are freedom, equality, brotherliness.
The first community goal leads you all to the system Naunin and its station MacLeod Hub (Orbis Station, large pads available). The objective is to deliver mined gold. Time will be over on the 9th of June 3302 at 15:00 UTC.

A statement from Councillor Drake:
"We are on it! We will give our best! UGC officially calls for the support of everybody willing to support our principles and moral concept."
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Beware! The Blood Brothers from Alrai join the Dangerous Games (from CMDR 7Bones)

He knows that he is a true Blood Brother,
born in the glimmering light of the sun of Alrai, grown up in the shadow of the gas giant.
He has gone through the hard school of his elder, and he never would doubt about the decisions made frome his leader.

Developed in pain, hardened in abjection and indoctrinated in respect for life.

No matter when, no matter where, no matter what to sacrifice. His blood brothers told him how to fight and how to die.
Training was hard, with no mercy. He had become a living Weapon for the light.
All Blood Brothers fulfill their missions. Everytime.

He serves nobody, he just ensures human rights all over the galaxy.
Do not provoke a Blood Brother. You will repent.

A Blood Brother will fight for his brother to the end. Everytime.

His mind is clear. One team, one mission.
No doubts, no arguments.
Just he and his ship and deadly weapons.
He is prepared for what ever his leader will decide.

Because he is a Blood Brother from Alrai

And that fact will bring fear to all enemies.

Today, he got a new mission.
It sounds like a "Dangerous Game", but for him there is no game. Never.

He starts his ship. All systems go.
The station communication officer bids him farewell, this will be the last time for long.

His ship rises to start level, the landing gears retract with this familiar and loved dark sound.
Then he pushes the boost, under the glances of some tradespeople in their harmless ships. "I am underway to protect you, fools" he thinks.

The Station gets smaller and smaller behind him.
Then, finally he hits the button for the hyper jump.
"Be aware, I am approaching"

With a flashing of sentimentality he watches his beloved sun dissapearing behind his ship.
He is not going to show mercy for these who disobey human rights. He is going to protect the "Dangerous Games" without playing games for aware.
"Never try to play games with me."
Voting under the banner of the EoT, the Explorers on Tour (from CMDRs Largo Ormand and Jimbo Lazy)

A gathering of all explorers was nothing new. Since the explorers have banded together under the banner of the "EoT" there were meetings from time to time to discuss the latest events of the milky way. Usually there would be at least one topic written down in the invitation for a gathering...but this time it was different...only the importance of the assembly had been made clear.

It was not that long ago since the Explorer on Tour have chosen their new home and moved into the system Toluku. A curious silence ruled the reshaped "auditorium"...the union hall at Foden Orbital. Nevertheless there were some hushed whispers here and there.

"Which story do you expect Largo to tell us this time?" asked the always a bit cheeky Jimbo Lazy "The suspense is unbearable!" Guy de Lombard was as calm as ever. "Just wait and see. It will begin shortly...but it has to be important considering the distance."

A slight breeze ran along the curtains as the speakers crackled for a moment and indicated the begin of the meeting. Largo Ormand appeared on a huge screen, underneath the emblem of the EoT gleamed from the fresh paint.

He approached the com terminal and watched his colleagues at the other side of the screen, his friends within the EoT. They were sitting in the auditorium of the explorer centre at Foden Orbital they had fondly christened "the nest".
"What a miracle of technology" he thought by himself. "They seem to be standing right beside me and yet we are divided by more than 65,000 LY here at Beagle Point".

"This my friends is an important message that has reached me from the bubble. More precisely from the system Wapiya. As you all know this is the home system of the UGC. Some of you have already joined the UGC and probably know the background of this message. For the others I will gladly explain it. The UGC - in the meantime astrong institution in Wapiya - is engaging in something unprecedented...let's called it "Game" become a new power.
Freedom, unity and democracy are their ambitions. And this is not only aspired for one system. The UGC has allied themselves with other groups and formed the UGC coalition to spre ad their virtues even farther into space. These virtues are based on the belief in equalitiy for everyone. In peace for the inhabited galaxy. In self-determination for the citizens...not tyranny of individual despots or monarchs. A form of society that has occasionally existed for centuries. Sometimes succesful, sometimes problematic. the independent institution of explorers and searchers...the scholars and initiates. Beyond the political norms of the existing powers, should we value these virtues, these ideas of a UGC in the galaxy more?
Should we support this idea and ally ourself with them?
That is why we are here my friends.
This is what we will vote for today and the majority will decide how we will proceed. Should we continue to be neutral observers or should we buy them time to fill the space?

We have just received this plea to back the UGC in the upcoming conflicts. Since our focus lies on scientific principles we would support them in reconaissance. Naturally the E.S.S. have additional means to help the UGC. As members of the Explorer Escort Service averting danger is the staff of life for those pilots. It should be easy to find plenty of assignments."

With a closing gesture Largo Ormand finished his speech. "That was all I had to tell you." His image on the holo projector jittered slightly. Not unusual considering the distance "Has anybody any questions? What do you think about it?"

"I have a question" Dao-Lin H'ay stood up. The hackles of her dense fur raised visibly. Mistress Lilith - the actual co-founder of the EoT - and her loyal assistant Augustus were missing in the vastness of the galaxy for a while now. Her representative in the EoT council - the Kartan Dao-Lin-H’ay flashed her claws instead. "The EoT are independent and have vowed to never lean towards a power. This community doesn't exist that long , how could we support a potential power then?"

"Very good objection, Dao-Lin" replied Largo. " Certainly we may support that there will rise a new power. But would this be a power as we know them? The UGC has a code of honour and they are freedom-loving through and through. And even if we help now to establish this power this wouldn't mean we would pledge ourselves to them forever."

"Alright then" the hackles settled down slowly "but what if the UGC will change over time and for example become like the empire? Isn't it often the case that the government changes when it takes over?"

"WHAAAAT?" Ben Wolf Romach and two explorers more of the UGC leaped to their feet at once. "How dare you to maintain something like this?" he snorted indignantly. Killahface and Jo`Baccaroo could barely hold him back before he stomed into the bare claws. "This will never happen - not with our history!"
"Right, this will never happen!" Killahface affirmed. "Therefor our lynx, the whole executive staff and all UGC have endured too much."

"I beg your pardon" replied Dao-Lin "I didn't intend to insult you." She put on her lovely cat smile and the minds calmed down quickly.

Jimbo Lazy stood up. "What if we will be needed here in Toluku during the time we support the UGC?...I mean we can't be at two places at the same time. "
"Precisely" Tschubacka's voice filled the room. "We shouldn't move all ships away. Our explorer colleagues could need the E.S.S. and there are more and more rumours about unrest here in Toluku. " His dark eyes were barely recognizable under all the hair that covered his face. With a height of 2.34 meters the old Wookiee filled the screen completely on which he took part. "Not all factions here are happy about the unconditional move-in of the EoT!"

Approving murmurs filled the hall. "Should the events you mentioned coincide we would have to set priorities. We would definitely not simply abandon Toluku. But a delaying tactic on this and full commitment on the other side might work." Largo Ormand looked thoughtful. "The Explorer Escort Service has grown strong enough with the constant training. We will have to decide situational and proceed wisely with our strategy. And I am sure you will make the right decision. If there aren't any more questions..."

Somewhere in the room something toppled over. "X'cuse me" ReaperXPS shouted. "We all know that we won't earn much over the next weeks...besides fame and glory. Will we get free beer in Wapiya at least when everything is over?"...quietly at first than louder and louder the laughter of all Explorers boomed in Foden Orbital. Even Jo`Baccaroo lay loughing on his back. "That was a good one Reaper - HaHaHa - this one had really to laugh loudly".

Largo Ormand rose to speak again. "Okay dearest friends and colleagues. Let's go on with the voting shortly. And please consider, everyone will be allowed to support the UGC to the best of his abilities afterwards. Nobody will be forced to do so. This is only about the question if we want to support the UGC coalition as Explorer on Tour. Until then: break. There are refreshments waiting for you in the vestibule of the auditorium."
"Certainly dark beer from the cloister of Brothers Vision." Joe Wanderer shouted (the one from the day after tomorrow) and again all Explorers burst into roaring laughter. The auditorium had a wonderful acoustic.
"I prefer blood wine though" sounded Chessi's voice from the speakers while he wiped away a big tear from the corner of his eye. Largo nodded "You will get some when you are back in Toluku. We will meet here again in 30 minutes."

After the break the room filled up quickly. Jimbo Lazy came back shuffling with a rest of cake - last as always. Besides him the energy being B-cloudlet hovered like most of the timewhich then returned back to the technical systems to boost the transmission line. The monitors came back to life so all Explorers were assembled again.

"Dear EoT, you had enough time to think the matter over and to discuss it, too. Please vote now. The voting will appear on your pads now" the air conditioning channeled fresh cool air into the room. It didn't take long until the technical service announced to Largo that all votes were counted.

"Is this possible?" Largo frowned. Sunny, please check the results again. The assembled looked at each questioningly. "What's the matter?" asked Shinji Yamazaki the flame hunter a bit impatiently. He had just returned from his flaming ring tour and had headed straight for the gathering.

Sunny von Isegrim made an affirmative gesture. 'Everything correct'.
Largo smiled "I am proud of you. The voting is unanimous in favour of the involvement of the EoT"

Thunderous applaus boomed through the halls of the EoT. An atmosphere of departure spread from explorer to explorers...this time it wasn't about setting off to undiscoverd regions of the milky way but to support a freedom-loving faction.
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UGC-NEWSWIRE 03.06.3302

Day 2 of Rise to Power
Community Goal 1 - Gold Rush

From the High Council a communique has reached our editorial office. We were asked to publish it by Councillor Drake himself.

Begin Communique
The UGC High Council and me are deeply moved by all the support UGC finds out there in the vastness of space. Therefore we are very thankfull towards all supporting factions and freelancing pilots.

Another big group with high reputation has joined the UGC-ranks - namely the faction Explorers on Tour and their specialised combat group Explorer Escort Service.

Explorers will always find a safe haven in our systems and stations within UGC's area of influence. Where would our society stand by now if there had not been explorers among us all reaching out for mysteries and heading out into the unknown - not only in scientific labs but also with their spaceships and bringing back vital exploration data. Often these attempts cost invaluable lives and explorers are still following their inner call - no matter the costs.

These two groups are very welcome too because they also share our moral concept and principles.

Thank you very much for your support!

Fly Safe Commanders of EOT and EES

With kind Regards,
Amb. Aidan Abacus
End Communique
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Day 5 of Rise to Power
Community Goal 1, Gold Rush

The gold mining seems to go well regarding the profit commanders make. A lot of material is gathered and not only gold. Painite, platin, palladium, samarium etc. make the community goal a feast for profit-oriented pilots although the mining itself is a litte bit boring compared to other ways of business in space.

Sure the UGC was way back behind the other competitors as the last but one in the ranking but on the other hand the supporters were much fewer and minig has never been UGC's specialty. The homeground of UGC had always been diplomatics combined with a steel fist if needed. It is more comparable to the ancient Greeks on Earth more than 4 millenia ago with their city-states like Sparta, Athens and the like.

Nevertheless UGC plays fair and will fight till the end of the wildcard game as long is it lasts.

Well, there wil be two more community goals, so stay tuned!
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