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UI Clipping-- Cannot assign roster from Park Mgmt/Staff Tab to staff at bottom of list


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected
Park Management

I'm running PlanCo on a 3440x1440 monitor and I'm noticing as I hire more staff, it becomes impossible to assign a work roster to staff members at the bottom of the list IF there exists more rosters than 1.

Note the screenshot below:

I have 13 janitors, and about 5 work rosters (including Free roaming). Notice the last 3 janitors and how the drop-down menu only shows 3 of the 5 rosters.

Now this can be circumvented by selecting the individual staff member and assigning the roster on their own windowed tab, but that's unnecessary and tedious as your work roster expands to more than 5.

Probable fixes:
1) make the list a drop-up list for the latter 3-5 staff members with its own little scrollbar to accommodate for more than 5 rosters
2) Unpin the Park Management tab so the user can float the interface to a more centered location! (Might run into the same issue if the work roster list grows...)
3) Why not both??

Steps to Reproduce
1) Hire 13+ staff (can be smaller depending on ratio/resolution/screen size)
2) Construct 5+ rosters
3) Open Park Mgmt console, select Staff tab
4) Attempt to assign roster to staff at bottom of the list.
5) (optional) Drink a Caribou Lou to relax before fixing bug.