[FEDERATION] UK based (south west) Federation squadron looking for players


UK group here who play mostly in Mobius and Open looking to see if any players would be interested in joining our Federation multi discipline faction. We support two minor factions and align our-self with the Federation as superpower, we don't powerplay but could be open to this eventually.

Our activities mostly include background sim faction supporting through missions, we do conflict zones, and a bit of mining and trading. That doesn't mean to say we don't want to PvP or CQC we just don't have enough interest at the moment. A few of our commanders are tempted to come back after dipping toes then quitting, but as we're all friends on a discord channel per pressure to come back to black is there.

We're branching into anti xeno as we get our commanders up to speed with guardian tech and engineering so happy to help you do those activities. Three of us play most nights we have 11 in our squadron in total.

Age range 18-35 currently but any age considered! Myself I am a veteran of Elite II and Elite III and have nearly 2,000 hours in ED. We all know eachother through local lan centres or day job.

Open to all english speaking players but we're all based in the south west of the UK... Bristol, Bath, Devon and Cornwall etc so that may appeal if you're from those areas. We have a discord.

WARNING - Banter can be quite raw and offensive :-D

Squadron in game is called Wireworld Lan Lounge Affiliation.

P.S - Also enjoy a bit of CS:GO, Sea of Thieves and PubG


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I'm picking the game up again after not really trying it first time around. I'd be interested in some spicy banter and some advice on where to buy the best space buns.
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