[LFG] UK timezone VR player looking for semi casual group

I'm far too old to be playing computer games but when I can sneak away for long enough I jump on Elite.
I prefer small vessels but am currently dabbling with a federation dropship but have an asp ex as well when I fancy alone time!
o7, CMDR. I am a Councillor in the Resonance Fleet, we would be happy to have you among our ranks. We're not a huge group, but we're a friendly bunch :). I think you'll find more than a few like-minded players with us. We also have a minor faction with which we are trying to take control of our home system. If you're interested, here´s a link to our discord server: https://discord.me/rfmz

may I introduce to you the Alliance Rapid-Reaction Corps (ARRC). We are a small but vivid bunch of mostly combat oriented players, but also engage in whatever looks like fun. ARRC members have driven SRVs into space stations, challenged themselves to make a billion credits in a day (and succeeded!), and similarly weird stuff.

On a more serious note, we maintain presence in no less than 27 star systems around the "Old Worlds", control roughly half of them, and constantly strive to expand and maintain our little realm. We are mostly UK/European based, so time zone is similar to game time.

And don't worry about age, most of us are, ehm, well seasoned too and have played Elite on machines like the C64 back in the days. Once a gamer, always a gamer! ;)

You are welcome to visit us on Discord, or check us at INARA (links below). We are looking forward to meet you.

Hello CMDR,

Octavian Vanguard are a English speaking Imperial squadron and growing minor faction who play on PC / Mac platform, our average age is quite high, most of us are in our 30/40s and from the UK (with a few in other EU countries), so probably have plenty in common, several of our members also play in VR.

We are a relaxed casual group with a friendly atmosphere, engaged heavily in background sim play to help our faction with regularly updated objectives for that and we have varied other interests PVE / PVP / Powerplay / Thargoid hunting ,we do a bit of everything really when the mood suits.

See our inara page for more information on what we are about and for link to our Discord server
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Sacra Oculus is semi-casual and also part of an alliance, which means there are alliance wide events available every Saturday. We are in numerous star systems, control plenty and we are also involved in protecting rare trade commodities and permits. We even control the system of Zende where the controversial ferry is located. Head over to our Discord at https://discord.gg/0xHDQ0xkHuIZGp9D
The bright Star Dominion is an Empire affiliated Squadron, we are into just about anything are one of the largest squadron out there, so you will find CMDR to do things with any time of the day. Let me know if you need a new home.

Greetings CMDR ParadoxH3!

We'd be happy to have you consider membership in AOD; we have many experienced players who would be eager to fly with you! We have players experienced in PVP, bounty hunting, trading, mining, BGS manipulation (we own 17 stations in 12 systems now), Thargoid hunting (bi-weekly group event), Guardian tech and exploration. As a group, we're anti-player murder and anti-player piracy -- we play as "the good guys." We work together, help our own and often lend a hand to others around the bubble in need.

For more information, check out our recruitment post or visit our clan website directly!

Fly safe CMDR!
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