Newcomer / Intro Unable to land in Space Station

I am still using the training missions and can't even land in the rotating space station. I obtain permission to dock, not the landing pad number and enter through the opening. Once inside I locate the landing pad with the corresponding number and the glowing cage effect around it. But despite several frustrating attempts I cannot land properly and either bounce away from its centre only to be unable to centre my craft over it before the timer expires. When the timer expired the landing pad deactivated and I'm left unable to use it.

I am instructed to use the chevrons to land and I have had the red ship symbol, red dot and bullseye on the central display. But having lined them up and got a blue bullseye I still bounce off when I reduce my altitude vertically on to the now blue symbol on the display?

I am getting really frustrated over this so lord only knows how I'm going to land in the game itself if I can't even do it in training :mad:

Any ideas/tips/advice welcomed.
Couple so quick things to check:
1. that you are facing the right way, the way the chevrons point.
2. you have deployed your landing gear.
3. you are not descending too fast.

Otherwise it sounds if you are doing things right
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I have the landing gear down and I am facing away from the entrance.

1. What chevrons
2. How precise do I have to be.
3. When I touch down I bounce so am I not doing something right even though I inch myself down?

I seem to be skidding sideways as I touch down and in an effort to manoeuvre sideways to correct the slide I end up way off the pad again and again.


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Have a watch...


It may point out where you're going wrong.
On the landing display, the one with the blue circle when you are aligned, there are two arrow heads ^ either side of it that indicate the pad direction. they should be pointing away from you and you align the ship in the same direction.
Thank you for the video. It seems I did it correctly as per the blue bullseye (once out of 4) but must've drifted sideways before it could engage on touchdown. It also states to leave and re-enter if the timer runs out so I know not to start the training mission from scratch in flute. ������
I think I need to get used to side thrusters (yaw) and how to move sideways without roll in order to adjust my lining up. Also roll and pitch, however slight are having a frustrating overshoot effect which I need to work on. Thanks guys for the advice and video. Much appreciated.
In landing I mostly use the thruster : up, down, left, right, forwards and back. Pitch and roll are just used at the start to get the ship orientated correctly, then all the manoeuvring is with the trusters. I use yaw very little, as long as you are facing the generally right direction it's ok.
Hope this helps.
That makes sense. I think I am getting overwhelmed by using roll and pitch (left stick) as well as the lateral and forward thrusters (right stick) which results in loss of fine control when needed. What do you use to move laterally left or right instead of turning (yaw) with the right stick?
If you are on a PC you can use the qe ws ad rf keys for precise control in docking. If you are on a console, I have no idea, sorry.
I play with a gamepad, and I use a docking procedure which looks a bit like drunk driving.

First I aim roughly in the general direction of the landing spot, and don't care about direction. Then I hover above it, point the nose straight down and just use up/down thrusters to jiggle into place on one axis, rotate 90 degrees and repeat for the other axis, then rotate and straighten up horizontally to land.

None of this fancy side-thrusters stuff since I can't be bothered to reach for a keyboard.
I'm on a PC with a joystick -right hand, and a gamepad controller (inverted on the desk)- left hand, so probably won't translate to your control system. The game pad gives me two sticks that have all the thrusters on them, the joystick had pitch, roll and yaw. Very idiosyncratic but works for me.


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Be careful about the axis.

There is yaw, which is like turning left or right in a car

There lateral translation, which moves you left or right without turning the nose.

Roll moves one wing up and the other down

Pitch moves the nose up and down

Up and down move the ship without dipping or raising the nose

and forwards/backwards which are self explanatory.

Go back to the shoot the navigation beacon mission. Don't bother to shoot it for a bit, but practice with all six degrees of movement you have.for a while. You should be able to, after a while, fly around the beacon with your nose pointing at it all of the time using pitch/up-down or yaw/left right. It's just a circle strafe, but you have 3D in which to do it.


What chevrons?

The triangles on the blast panels at the rear of the pad:


.. their orientation confuses some people since they look like arrow-heads. The main thing is to face away from them (or from it on a small pad) when landing. Just face the number hologram and the control tower and notice the crane is to your right.
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