Unable to Store, Transfer, Buy or Sell Modules

This week I have experienced an issue in my Krait MKII. I bought this machine in Colonia and recently returned to the Bubble. I did some engineering at Farseer Inc. I am playing through Steam on a Windows 10 operating system. Using Voice Attack.
The first indication of a problem was when I went to pin blueprints. It appears that things are working, but when I return to the page the engineered module seems to be unpinned. Then I reposition to Shwann Port in the Hajangai System. There I attempted to store a collector limpet module. The only options I am given is buy or transfer. But I could do neither. I even went into the stored modules section and attempted to do a multiple store of two modules and that would not work as well.
I have empty cargo holds and 52 out of 120 stored modules. Those modules are back in Colonia. By the way I bought this ship in Colonia.
I bought a Sidewinder here at Shwann Port and every thing works fine with that ship. My problem seems to be isolated to the Krait MKII.
Green Delta II
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