Ships Ungankable iCourier

That's the build I use for my I courier taxi. If you want more shields you can use a guardian shield booster. Plus a heat sink doesn't matter when fighting NPCs, I just like to have it there.

Bog standard A-rated shields would be fine as well, that's what my Courier uses. With speed like this, maximizing protection is not necessarily the goal. Speed is life after all and allows you to dictate the engagement. You just need enough protection to survive the odd landed shot and collision at ludicrous speed.

Sorkvild's Courier, fast as it is, would be a bit faster with Drive Distributors. Is there a reason that Drag Drives were preferred?

Here's mine


Not as nice as Sorkvild's Courier, but intended for PvE where it is more than enough ship for it's intended role. I fly it wide open all the time, making gunnery passes and extending. So while it's not as fast as many Couriers, it is always going as fast as it can :)

I opted for two full-weight beams for shield stripping (and trading speed for it), and it does the trick against anything smaller than say a Clipper, but above that and it struggles to be effective one v one, but that's not what I use it for. It is designed to slash through a furball getting tags and then rocketing out the other side, before blacking out through the turn and doing it again. I have other more traditional combat ships, but I had this vision of a pure energy fighter that always flew wide open. This was the result. MJ appears low at first glance perhaps, but raw MJ is for collision protection. At 58% thermal resistance it still gets 1,300 thermal mj which is plenty for how little it gets hit by weapons. Of course all bets are off in PvP because there are so many ship and weapon combinations you might encounter.
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