Unity Zoo

Hello, fellow Players!

We talked a bit in this thread about my current Project Unity and some kind players encouraged me to share my zoo with you. Keep in mind, that everything in this zoo is a work in progress and subjected to change. I develop a lot building this zoo, which lately resulted in me deleting 1/3 of it. :)

The idea behind "Unity" was, to build a zoo where I can easily work on different sections at once to not get bored. And to easily add animals from umpcoming DLCs. The Zoo is still closed for guests. When the current planned animals of 28 habitat species all moved in, I want to open the zoo, sooner or later turn on money and CC (bot is unlimited during building), turn on the aging of my animals and manage the zoo. Animal welfare is and will be always turned on.

Without further words, here is the entrance of Unity.

As you can see, it is kind of a modern zoo, with a modern concept. The guests are invited into different "Worlds", which are named at the entrance. /Translation will follow under the pic)

Translation: "Our Worlds - World of Color, World of Plants, World of Silence".

What is currently close to being finished (only details missing) is the world of color. It resembles a colourful village with kind of a "vacation in the sun" vibe. Fun South America Music is playing when you enter this section of the zoo.

Behind this colorful scenery all important guest fascilities are hidden

The first habitat you'll see is the Dingo habitat to the right. The doogies quite enjoy watching their neighbours, the Llamas.

Around the corner you can watch colorful frogs. Ambient sounds of the south american jungle make for a good atmosphere when watching the exhibit animals,

Ready for a refreshment? The first foodcourt will follow right on track

And if you like ( and don't mind that the birds always walk over the picnic benches :D ) you can eat and drink in the colorful peafowl habitat, also inspired by the village.

The newest addition is the kangaroo habitat. I had to change quite a bit of the habitat to keep this little stinkers in. :D The water pump in the back is a work shop item. I rarely use work shop items, as I think if I use it too often it will hinder my own improvement, but with this things, I make exceptions.

I'll take a break for now and let you just get to know unity, before I post more pictures. :) Feedback is always appreciated.
Thank you all so much for the support! It means the world to me! I know I still have a long way to go, to become as good as some players here and a lot of YouTubers, but I also know I'm still making progress in learning. Kind comments like yours really help me to challenge myself and get even better, to not be satisfied with what was "okay" for me back in the day. Sharing the progress of Unity with you and my own progress is really fun and I can't wait to get into the game again soon and do some more screenshots for you, to show you the rest of the "World of colors" and the beginning of "the world of silence", which has a totally different vibe.
Took the time to make some screenshots again. :) Lets explore the rest of the World of Color section first, shall we?
Got hungry with all that you saw and need some hot dogs?

You can sit down under the roof here

And have a beautiful view at the Flamingos

And the Flamingos will have a good view at you

Still thirsty after your rest? No wonder, you are close to the desert it seems

Or not? Maybe the Mandri habitat on the other side got you confused?

You could calm down in the "World of Plants", since that's the next section after the "World of colorr", which eand here. But to be honest, I am currently re-building. :D So next time we will visit the "World of Silence" first. Well... the beginning of it.
I really like the seaside-feeling around your flamingo habitat, the scenery-buildings and the view through the food area. Each area has such a different style and still stays consistent in itself, very good work :)
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