Unknown Military Unit in the Pleiades linked to mass murder of Civillians

While the eyes of the galactic community have been fixed on the return of the Thargoids evidence from a series of coms intercepts point firmly to the existence of a secret, unknown military force operation in the Plieades region of space. The Singularity Movement amongst others has obtained evidence linking this mysterious force to the deaths of the crews of the survey ships Pandora and Victoria's Song as well as the disappearance of the staff of a civilian communications hub. This unit seems to have taken these steps to suppress knowledge of the return of the Thargoids and prevent this knowledge reaching the galactic community. Two Singularity pilots investigating this unknown unit were attacked on sight, without provocation or warning as they approached a hitherto unknown base in the Caelaeno system but with great skill survived the encounter. We demand to know who this unit is, who funds them and who they answer to. In our excitement and fear surrounding the Thargoids let us not forget the very real threat we face from dark forces our own people.
Unaligned Cmdr wishes to assist with this investigation and simultaneously test his low-temp intel gathering vessel.

What is the exact location of this base?

edit 'Celaeno' system perhaps?.
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Preliminary investigations in the pleaides sector turned up a name,

where is this 'Overlook?'

Is it a ship? or the base mentioned above?
It is not the base mentioned above, that is broadcasting its ID as "Relay Station PSJ-17". Also, the term "overlook" is mentioned in the logs here.
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This is the same modus operandi that saw the deaths of the crews of the ships on the Dynasty Expedition, as well as the deaths of those looking into the fate of the Antares and Space Ship One (the ship then-President Halsey was on when it was lost). If there are any clues that can be gleaned as to their identity, then they need to be followed-up.
I am in a position to help out in the short term. I might be in my Vulture, Schattenjäger, since there is a risk of engagement by hostiles, although I might also be discreetly investigating in either a Viper Mk4 or an Imperial Courier. I also have some test-flying to do for a large ship expedition, so I might bring something bigger, performance permitting.
I just would like to know the where-abouts of this 'unknown military base' in the Celaeno system.

All stellar bodies, asteroid fields and the Relay station have been searched.

Data links from the Relay have given some possible leads:

-A code or possibly 'Vigenere Cipher' (data link 4/6). (Part of which mentions the HIP 19026 system- recent Thargoid base site)

-'Black flight' interceptor ships reponsible for the botched(?) detaining of Pandora and Victoria's Song survey vessels.
Indeed, tnis has already been speculated on by Singularity, however we these mysterious unknown diamondbacks remain ... mysterious and unknown.

You can destroy them, though.
CMDR ThePirateOrc and CMDR FunkyCold84 have possibly uncovered another victim of this secret military unit's activities.

There is a crashed ship in HIP 16378 (planet 3B) containing audio logs from an explorer that discovered an alien megastructure and was shot down and crashed on aforementioned planet. The audio logs make mention of a "military outfit" add also claim that the attackers are trying to cover up the discovery of said megastructure.
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