Unlockable Dashboard Livery Items

Can we have 'special' in game unlockable dashboard items such as a Hutton Orbital mug you can place on your dashboard as a souvenir for going all the way to Hutton Orbital?
Dashboard items don't always have to be bobbleheads.

Other items could be added later. I'm sure there'll be plenty of suggestions for these unlockable items and how commanders could get them.
Sounds awesome!
Don't forget the "I went all the way to Beagle Point and all I got was this lousy flight suit" outfit.
Yep, would welcome something a little less 'childish' than the current choice of adornments.
How about some small pictures? - a picture frame that loaded in a picture of your choice would be great. A picture of your loved one etc.
How about some medals/badges just sitting there on the dash - perhaps the appropriate Elite badges available when appropriate? Could get medals awarded for certain missions or services given. Rank badges.
Mug would be good.

Even 'pointless' things like bits of tape, cracks, scratches, dents etc. could be something that we could use to make our cockpit our 'own'.
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