Roller Coasters Unsustainable-"Helix On Steroids"-

"Welcome to MK ENERGY where we endeavour to provide through technological advances sustainable energy for all. We are the future and the future is MK ENERGY"
Except something is not as it seems... MK ENERGY has been very selective to whom it has been allowing to enter for the past 6 years...Until today that is. MK ENERGY has begun the "trials".
According to inside sources, the company has located a new form of energy, a pure energy with no end! But... volunteers are required for the MK trials.

The lab last night was attacked by a protest group called END MK, ahead of todays opening for the trials the group graffitied the word UNSUSTAINABLE on the front of the lab. The protesters believe that the energy source MK are tapping into is not environmentally or psychologically friendly. They have urged all to stay away from MK ENERGY and the "trials".

TODAY you have found yourself at MK ENERGY will you take on the companies trials. Something is said to be being hidden in the complex, a device 6 YEARS in the making funded by an unknown benefactor.
MK ENERGY in retaliation from ENDMK has released that the device will be called "UNSUSTAINABLE" for sustainable energy.



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