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Whilst it is true if you leave a station without enough to rebuy you should expect some hardships if you die. If there is a bug that kills you then to get nothing back is very harsh if people who pay insurance get money back.
Why should they get any money back either? Or people who who took large repair costs?
It should be all or nobody. I really dont see the logic otherwise.
If a bug kills you - fine, refund the losses, but do it for everybody or nobody.

Michael Brookes

Game Director
Any sort of refund for somebody who died to the collision bug and couldn't afford the insurance? Lost a T9 heavy and I had to go sidewinder - boom 90mil credits gone.
Not getting anyback is a bit harsh....

We don't have an automatic way to refund that case, you'll need to stick a support ticket in.

You must take care of everything and be prepared even if we are talking about bugs. I know it's frustrating and not "right", but a lot of hardcore games with some kind of "ironman" or that heavily punish death suffers from external factors like errors, bugs, stutters, lag etc.

You are kinding right ?
So its my fault i died ..i should anticipate a bug such dying because of the "air"..
I just said i died just like that..
No shoot
No inpact..
No nada ...
Maybe cardiac arrest.. O-o...
So no .. Im not here to anticipate death by bug..
Im here to play and anticipate death by something that CAN kill me based on thr game rules ! PERIOD ..
i will not let that one go .
When the tickets will be treated ?..
I wish to stop being frustrated about losing 38 millions of assets because of dying because i may touch a fly ..
In want my ship or credits back..
Hopefully the insurance thing being fixed is something to do with the fact, i had just bought an asp, then all my controls stopped responding in a station causing me to fly into a wall and blowup, then I couldnt afford the rebuy :(
Any ETA on universal cartographics CTD bug? Just want to know if there is a chance that I could play tonight, if not that I'm forced to go out socialize ;)
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