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Sandro Sammarco

Lead Designer
Hello there, folks!

1.1.04 has gone live - the servers are up and running.

Client changes:

  • Bounty vouchers can be redeemed at any starport in a system that also contains the faction which issued the bounty.

  • Some Commanders are in systems that cannot currently be retrieved from the server database, which has been causing crashes when loading into the game. We're working to identify and repair the systems affected, which includes a change to automatically report the problem system and exit back to the main menu with a load failure message.

  • Audio for the Imperial Clipper more closely resembles the sound from the 1.07 release.

  • Improved localisation support for community goals (we're still working through some issues with Russian language support).

  • Fixed the 3rd decal not displaying properly on the Python.

  • Fixed a very rare crash triggered by limpets being destroyed.

Server changes

  • Added more checks for starsystems reported to crash the game. This interim measure will automatically attempt to restore access to that starsystem within 10 minutes of the crash being reported.

  • Improved logging for some rare failures when selling exploration data.
Thats nice but whatabout those of us still waiting for the promised refund from the broken collision data?

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Redeeming bounty vouchers == SWEEET! Good timing! I'm in a system close to lots of previously uncollected vouchers, so will be sure to get those out of the Claims screen before I move on to more desolate places :)
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