Patch Notes Update Update 1.1.06 Incoming - 15.30 GMT

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Michael Brookes

Game Director
Hi everyone,

update 1.1.06 is incoming at 15.30 GMT and the servers will be down for up to 30 minutes. The update contains the following changes:

- Don't crash if player dies as they enter hyperspace
- Don't allow landing gear to destroy a player ship when deployed
- Use the correct jurisdiction for determining fine for illegal goods
- Fix network issue with text channel being shut down prematurely
- Adjusted terraforming meta data on three systems to stop server errors
- Story and text updates


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I hope you guys are aware that combat zone missions rep is reversed? When I fight for the Federal side and compete a mission, I take a hit to my Federal rep, and the minor faction rep. Somebody has crossed the wires there, and needs to be spanked (but make sure they don't enjoy it).
It had better be 15:30 GMT as it just gave me 5 mins to get out which I have done . got a mission to finish - hope this one nots too long down! (hint! hint!)
How long this time?

This is why I hate online games!

Give us a pseudo server so we can play OFFLINE and avoid all this crap. We can then download patches as we want them. I don't give a damn if it can't link with the online server, I'd prefer to play without it thanks.

Are you sure the hit you took on wasn't against a ship or faction also friendly with the Federation? Because that's a lose-lose situation for your rep.
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