Update 1.11 + Classic Rides Collection Out Now!

Chante Goodman

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Hayo everybody!

We're thrilled to bring you update 1.11 featuring Carowinds' Copperhead Strike, the first double launch coaster in the Carolinas, alongside the Classic Rides Collection! This collection is packed with staple theme park rides that will have guests swarming to your park in their masses and we've no doubt they will let your creative minds run wild! Their revered classic counterparts will allow you to build faithful recreations or your own beautiful, complex rides. Watch the trailer below:

The nine rides, plus one with a variant, in the Classic Rides Collection are:

Sky Temple
Rising Raptor and Golden Eagle
Macchina Classica
Free Flyer
Swift Drifters

The Classic Rides Collection* is available to purchase now from Steam or the Frontier Store for £7.99 ($10.99, €10.99).

*Please note that you need to have the Planet Coaster game (sold separately) in order to download and play this extra content.

Update Notes

Classic Rides Collection now available

  • Sky Temple - A unique observation platform ride that’s beautifully themed in a traditional Qin Dynasty architecture. The ride can be set at 3 spectacular heights as it gracefully ascends and descends.
  • Rising Raptor - The Rising Raptor is one of the largest and most complex rides to appear in the game. This ride uses the all new customisable height system which allows players to tailor the ride between easy-going guests in search for impressive views or hardy thrill-seekers in need of a more intense ride experience. This ride can be built from 22 meters to an impressive 58 meters.
  • Golden Eagle - The sister of the Rising Raptor has the suspended swinging cars of its counterpart but also offers a more thrilling outward facing gondola arrangement. The ride also utilises the new customisable height system.
  • Free Flyer - A very popular and beautifully elegant, vintage attraction in many parks around the world. There are two operations modes offering varying intensities of ride experience from a gentle swing to an intense spin.
  • Swift Drifters - This ride has 16 free-wheeling cars that are pulled around an oval track by a large chain. The cars are flung outwards under the centripetal force as they reach the apex of each corner, weaving along the track under their momentum as they go. The force pins the guests to their seats and creates a thrilling experience.
  • Interdimensional - Your guests will have a unique experience on every ride of this spinning coaster. The track has a unique feature that allows you to lock and unlock the free rotation at any point and a track section that can spin the cars in the direction of your choosing.
  • Infinite - The overhanging car carries up to eight guests per car and two cars per train and has a wide variety of lift and launch options including a regular lift hill, a vertical chain lift tower, a block sectioned chain lift dive tower, and an LSM launch system.
  • Armada - A high capacity boat ride that has front facing seating and had been specifically designed for dark ride experiences. The Armada has a chain lift and drop sections to allow more flexibility and guest excitement and is perfect for recreating your favourite water based dark rides.
  • Macchina Classica - Take your guests for an unforgettable day out in a beautiful vintage roadster. This car ride seats four guests and has the highest top speed of any tracked ride in Planet Coaster.
  • Gondola - The Gondola is a new transport ride that can elevate your guests over your parks inside modern and sleek suspended cabins. Each cabin offers amazing views and carries up to 4 passengers per car.
  • New music
    • 2 ambient music tracks suited to the Sky Temple and Gondola rides
    • 2 music tracks for the Armada ride, with additional diegetic tracks and ambiences
    • 3 music tracks for the Swift Drifters, Rising Raptor and Macchina Classica rides
    • All included music and sound effects can be used on any ride in the game
New Free Ride
  • Copperhead Strike - We have partnered up with Carowinds in the Carolinas to bring you the Copperhead Strike. This 50mph twisting, looping coaster train is beautifully themed like the original American hot-rods. It packs a real punch with its double launching track layout with an inverted top hat, two 360 loops, a corkscrew and a unique jojo roll straight out the station. The track has been faithfully recreated from its real life counterpart’s technical specifications so it’s as close as you can get to riding on the real thing!
  • 2 signs Official Carowinds signs and a ride sign for the Copperhead Strike
  • 3 sound effects, 1 music track and 1 ambience for the Copperhead Strike blueprint
Performance Improvements
  • Improved loading times for Cobra screen and loading parks
  • Improved performance for parks with very long occupied queues
  • General stability fixes and improvements
Rides and Coasters
  • Added a Hold and Launch LSM utility section to the following coasters
    • Infinite
    • Copperhead Strike
    • Torque
    • Vector
    • Barghest
    • Cloud Runner
    • Power Up
  • Added lights to the following rides. The colour of these lights can be customised, or set to black to turn them off.
    • Cloud Runner
    • Iron Fury
    • Malice Unchained
    • Luna Autos
    • Magic Katz
    • Connie Express
    • Iron Horse
    • Light Line
    • Sleigh Ride
    • Gold Fever
    • Jixxer
    • Interceptor
    • Island Adventure
    • Land Ahoy
    • Big Screen Tour
    • Speed
  • Added a Spinning Coaster browser category
  • Moved the Manic Mouse and Spiral into the Spinning Coaster category, from the Family Coaster category
  • Updated the list of Featured Creators on the main menu
UI Bug Fixes
  • Loading parks with Thememaker's Toolkit items in from the My Parks screen will now correctly ask the player if they want to subscribe to missing items
  • Fixed an issue where unsubscribing from a Thememaker's Toolkit item in the scenery tab would not remove it from the scenery tab
  • Speeds over 99 MPH are no longer truncated in the ride testing tab
  • Selecting a single object with multi-select will provide the same arrow directions as when using regular selection
  • Fixed an issue where Restaurant objectives from the Scenario Editor referred to Hotels
  • The Controls option for Select Multiple Pieces now correctly shows Shift + Left Click, which is the default
  • Fixed an issue where changing the sequencer notifications would also change security notifications
  • The Start Test button now appears correctly in all contexts of the ride testing tab
  • Fixed some UI flickering when changing Restaurant food prices
  • Added tooltips to the Restaurant Demographic Effect in the Scenario Editor
  • Opening the Thememaker's Toolkit browser tab no longer exits the editing of a building
  • Fixed an issue where rides could be forced below terrain using Advanced Move
  • Removed up arrow when trying to move items up and rotate them simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue where the camera could no longer zoom out when close to terrain
  • Items now remain selected for placement when using Duplicate or Advanced Move and Duplicate
Ride and Coaster Bug Fixes
  • Track ride cars will now check for cars in front of them and attempt to maintain their speed with the car in front, preventing shunting between cars
  • Fixed an issue where ride refurbishment would stop the ride immediately
  • Fixed an issue where closing a ride would sometimes leave guests stuck on it
  • Fixed an issue where the S.L.V coaster had a minimum train length of 1 car
  • Fixed an issue where building a Skies ride would automatically select the Bull Wheel Cap rather than the Drive Station Wheel
  • Drive wheels on the Skies ride now all rotate in the correct direction
  • Fixed an issue where track pieces after a Dual Turning Track on the Skies ride could not descend beyond 30 degrees
  • Wear and Tear on the Skies ride now correctly depletes
  • Lowered the minimum speed to 4 MPH on the S.L.V Wheel Lift section
  • The F25 coaster car can now be placed on the Barghest track with the Allow more interchangeable coaster cars option on
  • Fixed an issue where Skies chairlifts would not hang correctly and instead align to the track direction
  • Increased the radius of the auto-tunnelling on the Re-Motion ride
  • Fixed an issue where building backwards from a Skies' station would always angle the track preview downwards
  • Fixed an issue where geometry would clip through wheels on the Skies' station
  • Fixed an issue where the Skies' supports would momentarily change position when smoothing
  • Fixed an issue where the Power Up track had missing geometry in it at its ends
  • Fixed some missing geometry on the Skies Drive Station Wheel
  • Improved the collision around Skies station
  • Fixed an issue where test dummies would remain on the Skies ride after opening
  • Stopped guests constantly shaking on on low speed track rides
  • Fixed a rendering issue at the start of the chainlift section on some coasters
  • Guests no longer clip through the back of the Malice Unchained coaster's seats
  • Improved the LOD changes on concrete station supports
  • Fixed an issue where rides would intersect terrain with Flatten Terrain on
  • Adjusting the station settings of an S.L.V coaster with Shuttle Launch Boosters either side will no longer select all three pieces if editing Entry and Exit speeds of the station
  • Fixed an issue where the Power Moves ride blueprint would open mid-sequence
  • The wheels on the Magic Katz ride now correctly roll on the track
  • Invalid utility sections are no longer incorrectly available when using autocomplete
  • The Aces Sky coaster car now has text on both sides
  • Fixed an issue where the centre wheel on the Ghost Train ride would turn incorrectly
  • Chain lift elements on the Barghest now correctly switch to the default track piece when angled downwards
  • Balanced Excitement, Fear, Nausea and Prestige for Blackout, Coriolis, Monte Leone and Weisshorn rides
Scenery Bug Fixes
  • The King Coaster plush will no longer drop through the bottom of the Claw Crane Machine
  • Fixed an issue where the Power Moves Backdrop was missing supports
  • Fixed an issue where the viewing frustum on the Diner Sign 2 scenery item was incorrect
  • Vandals now vandalise the Spooky Park Bench in the correct location
  • Fixed an issue where the Spot Light 2 scenery item's light colour would not change
  • Improved the textures on the Helicopter Tail Rotor scenery item
  • Improved snapping points on the Commercial Awning Corner
  • Improved snapping points on the Shallow Stairs Corner Inner building item
  • Improved snapping points on the Shallow Stairs Cap building item
  • Stopped guests clipping through the Adventure Picnic Table
Staff, Guests and Facilities Bug Fixes
  • Disabling Guest Vomit in the Game options now correctly disables vomiting
  • Guests riding transport rides for fun are more likely to get off at a station, freeing up space for guests using the ride for transport
  • Fixed an issue where sunglasses would disappear in ride cameras
Audio Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Quiet Street music track from the Vintage pack was missing
  • Fixed missing sound effects on smoothing the Skies ride
  • Improved the sound effects for Janitor idles
  • Improved coaster sounds in block sections at differing speeds
  • Fixed an issue where the Viper One coaster did not have the correct Magnetic brake sound effects
  • Fixed an issue where the Mechanic would play two voice lines at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where guests screaming on rides would pop
  • Fixed missing sound effects when moving rides with multi-select
  • Fixed an issue where rotation sound effects would be missing
Wow! That´s a lot of fixes! Amazing!
However I see one particularly as problematic:
"Fixed an issue where the S.L.V coaster had a minimum train length of 1 car."
NO!!!! This was a great way to simulate older Wild Cat type of coasters!
Players were asking for making the SLV trains LONGER and not shorter! 8 car trains exist in the real world and the de-fault length for Schwarzkopf transportables is 7 cars per train.
Is there any chance to change this? What do I do with my 1 car SLVs now?

Thanks for changing the SLV drive tire speed back to slow, though!
We may not see an update to existing tower type rides- but we MAY see a second version of them loaded to accommodate adjustable heights... Purely because there may not be a way to easily change the sequences etc for existing saves, but would be much easier to add it as a new ride type..
Curious to know what this is? (I can't check myself until weekend). Does it add anything new -- like does it allow us to stop the car at any point on track, (hold)? Hope so, but not getting hopes up.
It allows you to set a point before a launch that the train will stop for - think of how the Zenith deals with the launch - but for the other launch coaster types now...
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