Update 1.11 + Classic Rides Collection Out Now!

This is even better than the last update - I did not think that it was possible, but absolutely love the new Gondola (the boat ride, whip, new coasters - the EVERYTHING)- thank you for the great DLC and game improvements. It plays like velvet now - thank you team and DEVs, really appreciated, G
I like that we got a couple cool surprises with this update. Configurable pauses before launch sections? AWESOME. Being able to change the color (or turn off) the lights on rides like the swinging mine train? DOUBLE AWESOME! I owe whichever devs added these little gems a beer.
That is the only thing that I don't like about the new boat ride is that it stops before going down a slope. I'm not sure if there is a option to turn it off.
It's a good feature if you want to hold them there temporarily, however even setting it as 0 second hold time (in utility settings for that track piece) there's still a brief pause before they start their descent, not sure why that is.
That is the only thing that I don't like about the new boat ride is that it stops before going down a slope. I'm not sure if there is a option to turn it off.
Despite all the well deserved euphoria, there are a few things with the new rides that really bug me!
Why are drops on water-rides such a big problem in PlanCo? The fact that there is only one shallow slope and no big drop is quite disappointing for custumers who want to use the boat ride as a splash-boat. There IS a function to set the stop and delay to zero, but this doesn´t work. The boat always stops and double-drops are not possible.
The boat also slightly decelerates on the drop.

I noticed more issues with other rides, that are quite unfortunate as they undermine the extraordinary level of detail that went into the design.
I guess I´ll open a seperate thread when I tested all the rides properly.
I'm also happy with this update. The crashes are reduced to 'once in a while'. Fps increases and loading time etc. is really better. Thanks guys! Oh and bought the DLC just to support ;P

A "crash once in a while" is not supposed to happen. I haven't had crashes in Planet Coaster since the Alpha days.
I suspect you might have a piece of hardware that might be broken.


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I have been playing around a bit now and i really have to say i LOVE the boat ride!!

Needless to say i like the whole pack, and certain rides are very welcome but the boat ride is a special one since it has been on my wish list since day 1.
The ride turned out to be everything i could have been wishing for and the choices made were exactly as i had hoped it would be :D

First of all they aren't heavily themed so they can be used in many many ways. Paint them in a wood color and they can go as a Pirates boat but you can simply leave them another color and they could go for a Small World boat. Perfect!!

Second i love how the ride is able to do drops. Some boat rides like Small world or Fata Morgana don't have drops because of the restrictions of the system used. Im glad Frontier decided to go all out and have the Pirates version which also allows drops.

Speed ... I was worried a lot about this one as i always thought the log flume and Cascade went a bit too fast to ever count as a dark ride. You can't believe how thrilled i was to see that speed slider in the build menu!! Amazing work!!

Last but not least, the track can be build partially under water. If you have the regular track you see the water streaming pretty violent. Yet i noticed you can also place the track just a bit under water so the water stream is covered. This way the stream seems to disappear and it looks like the boat is just hovering in calm water. Another great thing in terms of flexibility!

All in all, im amazed by this ride. Thanks a LOT for this increadible pack and the boat ride in particular :D
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