Update 1.12.3

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hayo everybody!

Can you believe Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters launched a week ago? We hope you have been having a great time playing it. We've released another update, which includes these fixes:

Ghostbusters Fixes
  • Fixed soft-lock if rotating a ride and when the Challenge Menu appears
  • Fix to validate challenges in Challenge Mode
  • Added Max Ghost level slider to allow players to set the level of ghosts that appear in Sandbox
  • Added option to disable Ghosts haunting rides in Sandbox
  • Story Park gameplay balancing and optimisations
  • Bonus Park gameplay balancing and optimisations
  • Stopped Ghost sounds playing after they have been captured
  • Animation improvements to the Ghost scare animatronic
  • Improved clarity of the Ride Scenery objective
  • Stay Puft Marshmallow man foot now appears when filtering for Ghostbusters content
  • Ghostbusters Swing sign now appears in the Scenery tab
  • Prevent challenge from appearing during Gozer finale
  • Added placement audio to Gozer temple gargoyle and statue platform
  • Increase scenery rating for various Gozer temple assets
  • Adjusted the cost of Ecto-1
Guest Improvements
  • Fix for guests getting stuck in scared by ghost state after completing the Story
  • Guests no longer get trapped at the entrance of haunted rides
Shooting Ride Improvements
  • Fixed crash when deleting Shooting Ride
  • Fixed cursor related crash in Shooting Ride
  • Improved performance of aiming cursor
  • Added Score and Combo text prompts
Building Improvements
  • Fixed Firehouse floodlight direction
  • Various Facade scaffolding improvements
Localisation Fixes
  • Various text and subtitle improvements
Please continue to use the Issue Tracker to report bugs so we can resolve them quickly.
Fantastic update. Before only Steam crashed while leaving the game on my PC.
Now Planet Coaster decided to join.
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Thank you for update! I wonder if the guests stuck at ride exits + toilets/hotel/restaurant was fixed or to be fixed?
For a point something update - this is HUGE - nearly 1GB in size - you have been busy! Thanks for the update. And the game in general - Planet Zoo looks amazing BTW - already bought Delux brilliance.
I suspect it is the animations of the Ghost Scare that is most hefty in filesize. Plus eventual the sound if file is actually missing. Then the scaffoldings fixes. It is always the graphic (and sound) that are heavy!
I hope in these small updates you guys can squeeze in some quick improvements to a few coasters. There's a few types that it would be nice for their maximum cars per train to be increased so that they match closer to their real life counterparts (Two types have been needing this adjustment since the launch of the game):
  • Tiamat train length increased from 7 to 8
  • Iron Fury train length increased from 10 to 12
  • Vector train length increased from 5 to 6 (while there haven't been any built with more than six cars per train, it would be nice to see this go up to 8)
  • SLV train length increased from 6 to 8
Two other small questions for things that could be snuck in one of these smaller patches:
  • Copperhead Strike and Vector are based off the same coaster model in real life; so is there a way that they "Optional Spine" tickbox (and model) from Copperhead Strike be added to the Vector?
  • Copperhead Strike also added a new drop-down box for catwalk selection; are there plans to add this to other coasters and rides? It's probably a bigger task, but it seems like it was a waste to implement this new system just for one ride. I know a lot of people have been waiting for a feature like this, so I hope it is in the works.
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