Update 1.12.4

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hayo coaster friends!

All of your feedback since we launched Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters has been super informative! Thank you for filing reports on the Issue Tracker.

We are introducing two new features in our 1.12.4 update for Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters, which have been highly requested and will allow you much more freedom to create your dream shooting ride!
  • Added the option to link successful target hits to triggerable items, meaning you can now shoot a target, which will add to their score and can also set off an explosion, or an animatronic, or any sequence of events.
  • Added the option to switch off scenery hitchecks, meaning you can place targets inside other items such as in the mouths of crocodiles or inside of wrecked vehicles.
We will be showcasing these new abilities in our evening livestream at 6PM UTC today, which you can join on YouTube, Mixer or Twitch.

Update notes:

New Features

  • Added an option to allow linking of shootable targets to triggered items on The Ghostbusters Experience and Quick Draw - This allows you to shoot a target and/or ghost and set off a sequence of effects and animatronics, opening up a whole extra dimension of customization for your shooting rides!
  • Added an option to disable the scenery hitcheck for shooting on The Ghostbusters Experience and Quick Draw - Now you can place your targets inside tight areas while still allowing them to be hit, or even hide them away to set up secret bonus targets.
  • Added a toggle to Sandbox mode to allow ghosts to scare guests without causing them to run away or lose happiness
Ghostbusters fixes
  • Added advertised destinations on the Ghostbuster DLC signs
  • Adjusted the sandbox version of "Who Ya Gonna Call?" to remove haunted ride when it starts
Ride fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Infinite coaster would incorrectly stop on the over-vertical drop when using block sections
  • Increased the maximum train length for the SLV, Vector and Tiamat coasters
  • Fixed an issue where shoot-able targets would be missing an icon in the ride trigger editor
General Fixes
  • Fixed small bushes, shrubs and flowers to be selected with a left click
  • Updated a streetlamp scenery piece so it rotates around it's center
  • Challenges completed in the story mode contribute towards Steam achievements
  • Potential fix for a freeze when using the Advanced Move tool
  • Numerous crash fixes
Localisation fixes
  • Various text improvements

Lloyd Morgan-Moore


Those 2 new features were quite unexpected, at least i didn't expect them to be added right now in a "small" update but this is truly amazing news!!
It opens up so many more possibilities now :D

AWESOME job on this! :D
It really does open up the ride to a whole new level of creativity, I've been using the new features for a little while and have become addicted to setting up little scenes that get triggered when you shoot a target! It's also useful for setting up "bonus rooms" where you have to shoot a target to open a door to reveal more targets inside (y)
Thank you for the amazing update. I think it will improve the shooting dark rides a lot. I have a small suggestion tho: I have a ride that you can see some rooms from the outside through the window and I cannot shoot things that are inside the room because of the glass. Please, let us be able to shoot through glass.
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