IMPORTANT: Update 1.5 - Adventure Pack LIVE now!

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Hello coaster friends,

Hope you’re ready to explore, because our new Planet Coaster Adventure Pack is now LIVE! Take a look at the adventurous trailer that’s just been discovered on our channel:


There’s so many awesome new things for you to uncover: we’ve got three new rides, two new hats for your avatars, a new heroine called Renee Feu, and over 320 scenery items including animated items, special effects, scenery items and path extras! There’s also over 70 building pieces including wall pieces, temple blocks, and gold pieces. As if that’s not enough, there’s loads of animatronics like crocodiles, scorpions, and mummies, 40 jungle-themed foliage pieces, special effects like lava panels and waterfalls, statues, and new audio!

You can get the Adventure Pack for £7.99 on the Steam or Frontier store now. Please keep in mind that it’s completely optional for you to purchase; we’re very thankful for all your support!

See the Update 1.5 (Adventure) notes below; aside from the Adventure Pack content, the team have also released a free update with some quality of life and UI improvements.


Update Notes
  • Gold Fever - A family ride that’s themed around the gold mine carts used to plunder the rich mountains of South America. The cars' theme is ideal for creating a coaster that rushes through underground caves and tombs, dodging perilous traps, mummies and lava pits! The coaster's unique feature is its upright swinging car which pivots from a frame mounted to car chassis, this allows the car to swing side to side as it races round the track
  • Island Adventure - Inspired by the old steamers used to explore the rivers in newly discovered lands in the 1930s. The Boat is a high capacity, water based transport ride that is totally unique as it’s designed to work on large bodies of water and to create water channels as you tunnel your way through the landscape. It is perfect for transport but also doubles up as an amazing tour boat or dark ride. The boats are meticulously detailed and each craft has their own unique captain
  • Land Ahoy - The little sister of Island Adventure but with the added benefit of not requiring a body of water to be built on as it has its very own custom channel that can be built above the ground or even sunk into the ground to create a man made channel
  • Crocodile Hat - for avatars and can be sold in the Hats Fantastic shop
  • Rock Hat - for avatars and can be sold in the Hats Fantastic shop
  • Renee Feu - the adventuring heroine
  • 75 building items - with 23 gold variants
  • 323 scenery items - with 56 gold variants. Also including path extras, 40 foliage items, 46 statue items and 33 animatronic objects for a total of 77 different animations
  • 18 scenery blueprints
  • A host of new audio - including 6 music tracks, 27 placeable ambiences and 33 triggerable SFX including ‘Tour Guide’ Voiceover intended for the Boat Rides

Coaster and Tracked Ride Blueprints
  • Lay The Land - Land Ahoy Track Ride blueprint
  • Pyramid of the Serpent - Gold Fever Coaster blueprint

New Scenery
  • Added a new content pack filter for Adventure to the Scenery and Building browsers
  • Added Vista Points; guests will have a general need to visit these points, which builds up over time and gives them a little happiness boost from doing so. Guests with the Sightseer trait will have this need increased more quickly.

  • Added the ability to rename items sold in shops
  • Added a picnic bench sub-category to the path extras scenery category
  • Added a 1m option to building grid size

Scenery Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the staff building model is off centre

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Looks amazing, I am looking forward to playing this in a few hours time. This is the straw that has broken the camel's back to create a nice sandbox park as I primarily a Scenario/Management player. I just need to find more time to play this wonderful game. [yesnod]
Way Cool but what does the Land Ahoy look like?
I thought this one was the Ship Ahoy (see image), but I think you are correct, we haven't seen that one yet. It's not even in the trailer?

Images is first release picture, put it behind spoler.

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Wasnt there a free update as well? Also were there any fixes from 1.4 we need to know?
Bo Marit said:
See the Update 1.5 (Adventure) notes below; aside from the Adventure Pack content, the team have also released a free update with some quality of life and UI improvements.
Bo stated above. Last line after the trailer.
They don't list the fixes. We have to find out ourselves which fixes have occured apparantly.

It was Brett who said it.

I know this update contains bug fixes. However, a lot of the time, many bug fixes are not listed in our change log listings. Once the update rolls in, check in game and see if it's been fixed? :)
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I cant wait to get back home!!!

Do i understand right that the big boat ride can be used in 2 ways? As a transport ride but also as a tracked ride? And if so, does this also apply for the small variant?
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