IMPORTANT: Update 1.5 - Adventure Pack LIVE now!

Anyone know where the vista points are?

edit: ah found them in shops/stalls. Thought they'd be under benches/bins. I like the new picnic table category [up]
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OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! I just put a wall down ONE METER away from another wall! My Life is soooo complete right now!!!
Now waiting for actual 1 meter wide walls! [yesnod][haha]

But nevermind, loving the photos of this pack!!! Thank you Frontier!
I just want to say again, thank you to all the developers. The adventure pack is awesome! I know there's always gonna be haters out there, but the majority of us really do appreciate your hard work! So thank you!!

[big grin]

Nice job on the animatronics! I LOVE those Hippo animations! Do they move in herds? ;)
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So much wonderful stuff in this pack, but.... BUT.... I don't understand the purpose of the Land Ahoy. It's literally just the Island Adventure in its own channel of water. I was eagerly expecting that to be something similar to a Pirates of the Caribbean/Jurassic Park River Adventure style ride, i.e like a log flume but with bigger boats and a wider channel of water and the opportunity to have drops...etc. That remains one of, and for me personally the most, glaring ride omissions in the game for me (particularly when we had a ride like that in RCT3).

The rest is genuinely fantastic, overwhelmingly brilliant. The biplane, the new greenery, animatronic animals..etc....etc... Love it, but gah... the wait for that boat flume adventure ride continues.
I agree [sad]
Unfortunatly i can confirm the ride is just and only a transport ride. People will only ride it to go to a certain destination.

I havent been testing for too much yet but when i open up any other tracked ride, it instantly attracts a LOT of guests. Right now I build a 1 station version of Ship Ahoy and in 6 month's time only 15 people did ride it.

I love the ride for what it is, but i must admit im dissapointed that the ride only works as a transport.
Precisely what I was afraid of. Ugh. What a shame. So neither boat attraction here is actually going to be of any use to me. Water rides and this game really need some tender loving care.

I'm very fond of the new mine cart coaster at least. Great addition.
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Bo reported that they are looking into the boat issue/ just be patient.
Well, if there's one thing Planet Coaster water ride fanatics know it is patience. Take the boat attractions out and it is still a wonderful pack that more than justifies its cost, but I know I'm not the only one who wants water rides to get a little more attention on the design front as they're kind of PC's overlooked middle child. [big grin] We'll get there eventually.

Hi... Thank you and to everyone at Frontier all the way from the good ol' USA. I swear, I understand at the end of the day this is a business and you may not always make everyone happy. Please never take it personally or let the creators on your team ever take it personally. You all worked to freakin' hard to let negativity take away the great work you have done. This Adventure Pack is perfectly priced for the size of content which is ridiculous. My favorite hands down since the games creation.

I wonder if PC will take an animatronic route towards creating a zoo instead of actual animals. This pack makes it seem like it could go that route. #roundofapplause for foliage.

Anyways, You ma'am, Sam, everyone there are soooo awesome. I'm not fanboying but I tip my spoiler Sam hat off to all of you. I swear you all don't get enough credit. Please keep these types of packs coming, Youtubers get paid more just to show videos for opening gifts, you all deserve our hard earned money for the hardwork you all put in.

Thanks Again.
Haven't had a lot of time to get deep into the Adventure Pack yet but even at first glance it's as impressive as the Spooky Pack. [up]
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We’ve just uploaded our in-depth review and first look at the Adventure Pack!
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