Update 1.6.2 and Vivid Stegosaurus Skin


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Greetings park owners!

This month Frontier Developments turned 25 years old and to celebrate we set you a spiky challenge! Your mission was simple: to release 25,000 Stegosauruses into your parks, collectively as a community. We've been checking the numbers, carefully monitoring your parks, and we can now reveal that...

You succeeded! A grand total of 295,514 Stegosaurus were set loose on the Las Cinco Muertes! This is an amazing achievement and, as a result, everyone has unlocked the Vivid Stegosaurus skin! The skin will be added to your game once you have updated to Update 1.6.2, of which you can see the Release Notes below.


Release Notes
  • Added Frontier 25th anniversary Stegosaurus Vivid Variant skin
  • Rebalanced large feeder costs


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Glad my little herd of Steggies contributed.
Oh, I’m serious? , instead of cosmetics should add flying and aquatic creatures in addition to the skins of the Jurassic park saga, that disappointment. And correct and improve all creature behavior.[down]
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