Update 1.6 and Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack Release


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Greetings Park Managers,

We successfully launched Update 1.6 and the Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack on Xbox One and PC yesterday and the response from you all has been amazing. Unfortunately we encountered some technical issues in bringing the update and DLC to PlayStation 4. After carefully reviewing the issue we can now confirm that the PS4 update will be available on Wednesday 19 December 2018.

We sincerely apologise for the delay and thank you for the patience and understanding you have shown.


The JWE Team
Thanks for letting us know. I don't mind waiting. It's only five days, and I appreciate that you guys (and gals) are taking your time and getting out all the kinks instead of rushing out a half-finished update full of bugs. It will be worth the wait. :)
Thanks frontier for this new update and for the Cretaceous Dlc .. I can not wait to arrive on Ps4 !
If possible, sooner or later, could you make a dlc with flying reptiles (Pteranodon longiceps, Quetzalcoatlus, Cearadactylus atrox ) and with marine reptiles ( Mosasaurus , Elasmosaurus platyurus, Ichthyosaurus) ? Thank you.
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Don't know about deserving it but it'd be nice. They're probably not going to get specific on times before releasing it though. I expect it'll just show up sometime tomorrow.
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