Release Notes Update 1.6 and Jurassic World Evolution: Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack Out Now!


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Hi everyone!

We’re pleased to announce that our free Update 1.6 is now live!

Jump in to an expanded challenge mode, now available across all campaign locations (including Secrets of Dr. Wu if you own the DLC). If you prefer a more relaxed playstyle, check out the all new Sandbox options for Isla Nublar including: Disable failed incubations, toggle dinosaur aggression, stop social and population requirements for dinosaurs, and much more!

Please find the full 1.6 Release Notes below.


In addition to Update 1.6, we’re excited to announce the Jurassic World Evolution: Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack. Featuring three brand new, highly requested dinosaur species from the Cretaceous period: the Iguanodon, the Carcharodontosaurus, and the Dreadnoughtus. These impressive creatures are sure to wow your park guests, while providing you with some fresh new challenges; with more dinosaurs comes more chaos, so prepare yourself for the potential carnage they may create!

The Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack is available NOW on the Steam and Microsoft stores, and is completely optional to purchase. PlayStation 4 players will be getting the update a little later due to some technical issues we are working very hard to resolve.

We’re very thankful for your continued support.

Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack

  • Added Carcharodontosaurus
  • Added Dreadnoughtus
  • Added Iguanodon
  • Added new dig sites for the new dinosaurs
  • Hythe Formation
  • Cerro Fortaleza Formation
  • Kem Kem Beds
  • Iguanodon Mine

Free Update

Challenge mode expanded
  • Available for all campaign locations
  • Available for Secrets of Dr. Wu locations (if expansion is owned)
  • Added new skins for new rewards
  • Added support for weather not encountered on the islands in career mode
Added new sandbox options
  • Toggle to disable failed incubations
  • Toggle to disable social requirements for dinosaurs
  • Toggle to disable population requirements for dinosaurs
  • Toggle to disable habitat requirements for dinosaurs
  • Added an option to charge the Hammond Foundation Fee
  • Added option for disabling herbivore aggression
  • Added options to modify all dinosaur aggression
  • Added new feeder UI tab
    • Added slider to select the dispense rate
    • Added stat to show how long until our next dispense
    • Added a button to dispense the next food immediately
    • Always show the usage statistic
    • Show the time to next dispense statistic on the status tab as well
    • Added "Unknown" and "Unused" usage statuses
Added additional state information to the dinosaur infopanel
  • Behaviours:
    • Looking for food
    • Looking for water
    • Fighting for leadership
  • Health/needs
    • Content (all needs fulfilled)
    • Lonely (insufficient social or population)
    • Overcrowded (too much social or population)
    • Missing Forest (insufficient forest)
    • Missing Grassland (insufficient grassland)
New achievements added
  • Ratings Master
    • Get a dinosaur to a total rating of 5000
  • You'll never look at birds the same way!
    • Complete challenge mode on Isla Pena without releasing a herbivore on medium or above
  • Fast for a biped?
    • Complete any island challenge mode on hard or above in under 4 hours

General Tweaks and Fixes

  • Improved the expedition centre's "Dig teams available" icon so it correctly represents whether an expedition can actually be started at the current time
  • When building something that's too expensive, still show the cost in the tooltip
  • Slight tweak to dinosaur visibility contracts to stop them asking for 100% (as it's a bit of a fiddly target)
  • Make sure that the easy version of the dinosaur visibility contracts can be issued
  • Stopped comfort genes being selected for gene modification contract
  • Animation tweaks and fixes
  • Fixed dinosaurs performing their fence attack animation while panicking
  • Added a restriction on dinosaur sleeping of maximum acceptable slopes
  • Prevent terrorise need from being shared to other group members as it causes some inconsistent behaviour
  • Fixed Troodon digsites not unlocking at the correct time in challenge mode
  • Slowed down the camera movement when shifting focus on a dinosaur, so it's a less extreme speed on large dinos
  • Trimmed dinosaur hunted animations so the ragdoll takes control sooner for better effect
  • Fixed Olorotitan species parameters to better match other hadrosaurs
  • Improvements to Day / Night cycle and weather on all islands
Sandbox Mode
  • Fixed infinite cash bug
  • Removed the 'New' flag when hovering a research item, even if it's not been completed
  • Don't show the new flag on a research category if there's nothing to research there
  • Fixed crash in herd membership system
  • Added sort by base rating and current rating sort options to the genome library
  • Improved UI for building fences / paths to make placement under trees easier
  • Represent the actual shape of the fence being drawn, including curves
  • Show a small circle at the end of the fence if it's being connected to something else
  • Added double click to swapping/adding upgrades and to incubate a dinosaur in the Genome Picker
  • Fixed InGen database entries not unlocking for the default genes owned at the start of a new career
  • Various InGen database fact fixes
  • Various text fixes
  • Various localisation fixes
  • Increased gate opening radius for ranger teams
this makes me feel so happy now. I was 50/50 for that Wu DLC. But this Cretaceous DLC i am 100% buying! Thanks FDev for the updates on sandbox too!
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I know the PS4 dino pack will take some time to go out but, what about the free DLC pack ?
(I am French, I don't know if it is only a localisation problem(maybe longer for mine country..))
I love the updates and the new additions that Frontier has implemented, however when will we start seeing new skins for not only the Ranger Teams, but also the Expedition Team and the ACU Helo Team? It would be nice to have a little more variety and flair to show a unique park that you work hard for. Just a hope to see some of this some day.
Ps4 update?

Guess I'll beat Jurassic Difficulty on Nublar while Frontier fixes the patch. I nearly lost all faith in this game developer.
The new dinosaurs are going to be fun, although I'm not buying them until I finish the Doctor Wu campaign mode -- but I like a lot of the little tweaks you're throwing in here, like removing the 100% visibility target contracts and adding more genome sorting options. It's little things like this that endear me to Frontier most.

I notice this isn't the first update that was delayed for PS4 -- which I'm fine with honestly, this is not a complaint, *but* is there a specific issue with PS4 systems that causes that?
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