Update 1.7.2 is Live


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Hi everyone,

We have just released a small new update for Jurassic World Evolution on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Update 1.7.2 contains bug fixes for some issues that were brought to our attention by our eagle-eyed Jurassic World Evolution community.

Thank you for your feedback and bug reports so far, please continue letting us know of any issues you may be experiencing!

Release notes can be found below:

General Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed issue with Proceratosaurus animations
  • [PS4 Only] Removed screenshot watermark

Steggs :)

And here I was wondering how to get the watermark in on my PC screenshots lol. Thanks for the Proceratosaurus fix. That poor little dinosaur can finally get some relief.
Yes! I will miss the boxed proceratosaurus, but I welcome the change. And the new watermark removal is a needed welcome. Now I could capture perfect backgrounds for my iPhone and Mac. Thanks! :D

Also, should we be waiting a while longer to see some of the issues on the issue tracker be switched from confirming to a confirmed/acknowledged? I made a report on missing basic rain effects way back in December, and supported a report of the same bug in the issue tracker. I have been thinking of those weather mamenchisaurs every day since, hope they come back soon. 🌧🦕🌧
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Still no fix for the Ansel super high res shots having the squares in the final image due to some post processing enabled in-game ( vignette effect )

Note : This is not an Ansel issue as JWE is the only game I have in my entire game collection that has this issue.

To my eye, It appears that when you launch Ansel ( ALT + F2 ), The vignette effect is displayed on each individual tile when Ansel photographs the scene, Resulting in lots of very visible tiles throughout the image.

Source: https://i.imgur.com/f34tdoh.jpg

I had also made a thread about this issue quite recently so I was hopeful for a fix for this as I believe it would be such a relatively easy fix, There's no real reason it shouldn't have been resolved sooner.

Vignette on/off toggle in the graphics options would be helpful, And it would likely resolve the issue.
When will the Euoplocephalus be integrated into the game?
I wouldn't mind if they put the euoplocephalus with other dinosaurs that they did not put in the Fallen Kingdom DLC.
For Example:

I wouldn't mind waiting a bit longer if Euplocephalus comes Along with two other dinosaurs in a pack as well as new Mechanics for each of those dinosaurs so they won't be just like the same as all the other dinosaurs in the game already.
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