Update 1.7 - Vintage Pack LIVE now!

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Hi coaster friends!

Ready for a retro ride? Our new Planet Coaster Vintage Pack is now LIVE. Take a look at our classically wonderful trailer below:


As per our announcement post, our new Pack is deliciously full of things for you to (re)discover: we've got two new wooden coasters, five new rides, loads of new scenery items and building pieces, popcorn and gumball machines, a Crane and Zoltan machine, animatronics, lightbox lettering, and more! For full details on what the Vintage Pack contains, please see the update notes below.

Part of update 1.7 is another free update as well, featuring the new Mouse Hunt coaster, a full planter set, vending machines, recolourable staff members, filters, custom support set, and more!

You can get the Vintage Pack for £7.99 on the Steam or Frontier store now. Please keep in mind that it's completely optional for you to purchase; we're very grateful for all your continued support.

Vintage Pack now available!

  • Zephyrus coaster - this classic wooden roller coaster with four benches per car allows for eight riders per car
  • Aces Sky coaster - a wooden bobsled coaster with trackless wooden half pipes
  • Round The World ride - get rocking and rolling on the most intense Ferris Wheel ride of all time
  • Loop Da Loop ride - buckle up and prepare to loop head over heels in this twin cabin inverting swinger
  • Test Flight ride - take off and practice your flying skills in this spinning, inverting plane ride
  • Hurricane ride - twisting action that’s so fast you’ll not know what is up or down!
  • Centrum ride - feel the excitement of spinning at high speed at a thrilling 50 degrees in this classic centrifuge ride
  • 4 vending machines - including popcorn and gumball machines, crane machine and Zoltan fortune machine
  • 103 building items - including tin panel walls and roofs, painted banners, baroque pillars and carnival trims
  • 18 animated scenery items - including trapeze artist displays, pipe organ, hot air balloon and barbershop quartet
  • 98 static scenery items - including lightbox lettering, decorative shapes, vintage path extras and a classic automobile
  • 15 special effects - including bees, butterflies, blossom and blowing leaves
  • 19 scenery blueprints - including baroque buildings, flowerbeds, a balloon landing and a trapeze performance
  • New audio - 17 new triggered sound effects, 9 new music tracks and 10 new ambiences
  • Propeller Hat and Boater Hat - for avatars and can be sold in the Hat's Fantastic shop

New features free for all players

  • Vending Machines - cost effective alternatives to shops and fun small attractions for your guests
- 4 of these are from Planet Coaster’s popular drinks brands – Gulpee, Pipshot, Street Fox Coffee and Cosmic Cow
- Drinks from Vending Machines are smaller and the machines themselves cost less; effective when you don’t want guests to have the more rewarding experience of being served by a vendor at a shop
- The Crane Game allows guests to win King Coaster plushies
- Changing the chance of winning which will also impact how inviting the machine is to guests; make it fun and rewarding or rake in the cash
- Vending Machines break down based on usage​
  • Camera Effects - added over 30 camera effects to the game that allow you to change the colour grading of the scene
- Access them next to the speed controls in the lower right
- Choose a preset and its intensity, as well as how much vignette and film grain you desire
- Press CTRL-G to hide the GUI for the perfect screenshot
- All of these effects can be left on per park
- Trigger these effects using the Ride Cam Time Machine introduced in 1.6; perfect for dark rides and out-of-this-world experiences​
  • Staff Flexicolour - customise the uniforms of your staff members
- Choose the colours of your Janitors, Mechanics, Security Guards and Vendors​
  • Grouping Scenery - group scenery pieces together
- Multi-select some scenery to group it together and move/rotate it as one group
- If there is a build piece in the selection, this will become as a building as normal​

New Ride for all players

  • Mouse Hunt coaster - a historic wooden roller coaster, this coaster utilizes sharp corners and has little banking as well as a track piece that allows it to be aligned to the grid

New Scenery for all players

  • Added 4 drinks Vending Machines to the game for Planet Coaster's popular brands; Pipshot, Street Fox Cofee, Cosmic Cow and Gulpee
  • Added a Planet Coaster Crane Game as a side attraction
  • Added 16 flowers and plants to the game, along with 30 planter items and 4 sprinkler effects
  • Added over 50 coaster support pieces to augment your rides


  • 'Mouse Maze' - Mouse Hunt coaster blueprint
  • Added a raised flowerbed blueprint


  • Fixed some issues with heatmaps not appearing until the coaster had completed its first run
  • Improved the localisation of videos in the video billboard list
  • Added a keyboard shortcut for multi-select; the default is I
  • Added a keyboard shortcut for selecting the building when a facility is selected, the default is R
  • Added a notification when placing a blueprint or opening a park that contains music you do not have in your UserMusic folder

Scenario Editor

  • Improved the description of the Hotel Popularity options in the scenario editor
  • Added options to the scenario editor to change how much of a deterrent security cameras are
  • Added a security camera deterrence value to the scenario editor
  • Added options to the scenario editor to change how many rides are required to increase the guest rate

Ride/Coaster Bug Fixes

  • The Re-Motion ride now re-orientates itself to the side of the station that guests will get on and get off
  • Added a warning for when a coaster has a moment of mortal g-force
  • Fixed an issue where the EFN of rides on their first run would not match their description
  • Fixed an issue where rides would show 4 colours lots even though they only had 2 or 3
  • Improved the way supports are generated for the Hop The Gaps
  • Fixed an issue where supports under stations were not removed when track was placed underneath them
  • Improved the way supports are generated when using autocomplete on tracked rides

Scenery Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some items in the Fairytale theme had become white. This affects the following items:
- Market Barrow Empty, Market Barrow Flowers, Market Barrow Barrel, Market Barrow Cheese
- Farmer's Cart, Strawcart ,Windmill Sails​
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the Castle Roof set in the Fairytale theme had become white. To resolve this, we have added another custom colour that defaults to the same colour as the roof itself. This affects the following items:
- Castle Window Extension
- Castle Spire Roof Slope, Castle Spire Tall Roof Slope
- Castle Spire Roof Corner, Castle Spire Roof Eave Corner, Castle Spire Tall Roof Corner
- Castle Spire Roof Octagonal, Castle Spire Roof Eave Octagonal, Castle Spire Tall Roof Octagonal
- Castle Spire Tower - Square, Castle Spire Tower - Octagonal, Castle Spire Tower - Round, Castle Spire Tower - Round Small, Castle Spire Tower - Round Slim​
  • Fixed an issue where the Balustrade set in the Fairytale theme had become black. This affects the following items:
- Castle Window Extension
- Roof Finial, Roof Balustrade Octagonal, Roof Balustrade Curved, Roof Balustrade Ridge​
  • Fixed an issue where the Street Light Lamp in the Studios Pack could not be triggered
  • Fixed an issue where the lights on the Commercial Shop Sign 1 did not illuminate
  • Improved the selection of wheels from the Studios Pack
  • Improved the snapping points on the Train Track items in the Studios Pack
  • Improved the LODs on the Shark items in the Studios Pack
  • Improved the textures on the Water Storage Tank in the Studios Pack
  • Fixed an issue where some items in the Western Theme had become white. This affected the following items:
- Warehouse Pulley 1, Warehouse Pulley 2, Warehouse Pulley 3
- Western Sign - Projecting Sign 1, Western Sign - Projecting Sign 3
- Corrugated Iron Awning, Canvas Awning, Striped Vinyl Awning, Striped Ribbed Awning
- Iron Chimney - Straight, Iron Chimney - Bend
- Iron Column 6m
- Wooden Door - Narrow, , Wooden Door - Wide, Wooden Door - Glass Panel, Wooden Door - Window, Wooden Door - Plain
- Wooden Double Door - Large 1, Wooden Double Door - Entrance 1, Wooden Double Door - Entrance 2
- Wooden Window - Open Shutters, Wooden Window - Barred​
  • Fixed some issues where Stuntmen and Stuntwomen animatronics were missing geometry
  • Improved the textures on the Helicopters in the Studios Pack
  • Improved the naming conventions on some Studio scenery items
  • Improved the LODs on the Screen Doors in the Studios Pack
  • Fixed an issue where videos were playing while the game was paused
  • Improved the snapping points on the Shallow Stairs in the Studios Pack
  • Improved the custom colour options on the Elevator Door item in the Studios Pack
  • Improve the textures on tyre items in the Studios Pack
  • Fixed an issue where Ancient Statue head did not have correct default colours
  • Fixed an issue where ATM, Toilet and First Aid signs could not act as advertising
  • Improved the textures on the Wooden Scaffolding in the Adventure Pack
  • Improved the textures on the Castle Rubble Pile in the Spooky Pack
  • Improved the texture alignment on the Temple Rounded Arch and Temple Station Surround 1
  • Improved the LODs on the Poison Dart Block in the Adventure Pack
  • Improved the way lava effects in the Adventure Pack move
  • Improved distant textures on the Creosote Bush 3 and Creosote Bush 4
  • Fixed an issue where the custom colour on Stucco window items was shared incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the metal decorations of the Castle Window Extension were linked to the roof
  • Improved the snapping points on the Fire Truck in the Studios Pack

UI Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the icons would flicker for car rotation in the track options panel
  • Fixed an issue where the timeline in the Display Sequencer would reset after stopping it
  • Fixed an issue where hotel rooms would remain highlighted permanently
  • Fixed an issue where hotel perk costs were inconsistent across tabs
  • Fixed an issue where editing triggers in the display sequencer would move unexpectedly
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would not centre on triggered items in buildings
  • Fixed an issue where the Spire of Shock blueprint was under the Spooky filter
  • Vista Points now appear in the Attractions & Shops tab of the Park Management screen
  • Improved the functionality of sliders in the track options panel
  • Fixed an issue where scenario descriptions for custom scenarios were limited to 200 characters
  • Display sequencers now increment their name when duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where the Land Ahoy ride was in the incorrect category
  • Fixed an issue where the colour of a scenery item would not reset if you changed its colour in the overview tab
  • Staff Management Buildings now increment their name when being placed or duplicated

Staff, Guests and Facilities Bug Fixes

  • Hotels are now prioritised over Park Entrances when spawning guests
  • Guests no longer get stuck when leaving benches and picnic tables that are surrounded by barriers
  • The status in the info panel is now accurate when Janitors are heading to hotels
  • Improved the way that guests enter hotels
  • Fixed an issue where guests would not think highly enough of prestigious hotels
  • Guests will now take the cost of transport rides into account when using them to get to destinations they could also get to by paths
  • Fixed an issue where guests would move temporarily out of phase with our reality and float between two overlapping paths
  • Fixed an issue where guests would leave the path to reach benches on other paths
  • Fixed an issue where staff would get stuck if paths were deleted from work roster points
  • Fixed an issue where guests would not hold litter properly when walking
  • Improved the way that guests evaluate and enjoy transport rides when riding them for fun




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Thanks for the update and patch notes! Vintage Pack update installed, pack bought and ready to go! :D
Just woke up and whoop there it is! Thanks a lot @Frontier for yet another extansion! U r the best, in Frontier I trust! Love u guys and girls! Keep on the great work. and get some rest now [praise]
Thanks Will and Team Frontier for all your hard work. There's loads of goodies here to play with and that's just the free update. And I can't wait to crack the Vintage pack open. It really is a work of art.
I'm at work, but I still connected to my PC via TeamViewer and installed the update and bought the pack
Tonight, I'm going to see all of it, I will be able to improve the city part of my Sonic R park ^^
Thank you soooooo much all for this wonderful and awesome expansion, for me the best pack so far. Great rides, small details and pieces. [up][cool]
Great, Thanks so much for the effort you put in this game days after days, months after months, seasons after...[big grin]
By the way, The "I" Shortcut did exist before...It's not new. [haha]
Ohhhhhh wow, that early - amazing! Great surprise :)
THANK YOU soooooooo much Frontier and all the people behind the scenes that make this possible and the game better.
And as well thanks a lot for the bugfixes! I know that that's a lot of work, and I'm very thankful for your dedication!
I'm really liking this new update and DLC. Can't wait to play around with it later today. Also in today's live stream about the new update Ed mentioned that they are working on more content for Planet Coaster which is great news. Thanks to everyone at Frontier for a job well done with this new Vintage Pack.
Thanks, Frontier! This is some great stuff, much of which has many applications outside the vintage theme. And I really appreciate the bug fixes, especially those that fixed the white parts :)
I'm excited and like what I saw on the streams so far. In the future please announce such reveal-streams from yourself and Youtubers, especially when they are off schedule. Please announce them here in these OFFICIAL FORUMS. All the hype passed me because I only realized today that there were dozens of streams yesterday.[rolleyes]Kinda sad really.[sad] As far as I know there was no official announcement in these forums. Please change that in future!!!
To the developers--thank you so very much for all your hard work on this project! It's just so beautiful. I love all the surprises like the free support object set and all the lovely new effects... especially the fireflies and butterflies. And the Aces Sky Coaster is truly remarkable and accurate (I know because I compared it carefully to photos of the one at Knoebels. Ha ha! [wink])
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