Update 1.7 - Vintage Pack LIVE now!

This DLC is a very nice addition to the game. Nice rides and scenery to create more creative parks. But the Aces Sky coaster is very difficult to build in smaller parks. The measurements of the rails are too long.
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Although I like having the generic flatrides I would be glad if we would get themed rides as well. This could be implemented in an own DLC. Some flatrides are difficult to build around with the scenery and buidling parts and tools we have so far. So I wouldn't mind themed rides like Roctopus, Whirly Rig etc. as far as we would ALSO get the generic versions.
But that could lead to a tricky situation: Remember the RCT 1 & 2 add-on packs, which basically consisted of nothing more than re-skinned Teacup rides?
The fact that we now got the Hurricane, which is basically the same ride as the Scizzler in a paid DLC is slightly alarming.
There are three pillars that need to be balanced in order for me to play again. the first is the amount of rides and scenery. the second is the ability to ride the rides. and the third is the ability to create and track the guests who ride the rides. The devs keep adding so much onto the first pillar. It is a skyscraper by now. but the third pillar lies untouched since release. My enjoyment has long since fallen and shattered. I appreciate the hard work you guys are doing. But I would really appreciate it if a guest editor was implemented. as that is most of what I thought I would get when I paid for the game in the first place.
Very disappointed with the operation of the Mouse Hunt coaster, why do the cars follow each other as a train rather than using block sections? It's very unrealistic and damages the throughput, in addition the Wild Mouse at Blackpool used to operate with block sections as is the case with any coaster.
But that could lead to a tricky situation: Remember the RCT 1 & 2 add-on packs, which basically consisted of nothing more than re-skinned Teacup rides?
I do agree that Frontier has to be careful not to fall for the re-skin trap again. The "new" woody is also not very exiting to me, I'd say that counts as another re-skin as well.
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I quite like the fact that they are taking the route of Cities Skylines and having both free and paid updates, where the free in the most part enhances the game in a way that isn't connected to the paid update.. (Hotels vs Studios for example). It means that you can still have an enhanced game if you're not prepared to pay for the DLC...
I am loving some of the new shapes. I juist wish most of them weren't so thick but the thin ones are really adding to my monster statues.


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Hi everyone,

Some posts were deleted because they discussed RCT and Frontier instead of the Vintage Pack DLC.

Please stick to the topic. Thanks! :)
Things I'm really enjoying so far from the 1.7 Update / Vintage Pack:

  • The new flowers! Aside from getting sorely-missed roses and tuilips, I'm very happy with the green parts of them all being flexicolored.

  • Flexicolored clothing for most of the staff -- thanks!

  • Actually, that nearly everything in the Vintage pack has multiple well-thought-out flexicolor options is a big plus.

  • All the new flat rides. Several people have asked for a de-themed Scizzer, and the Hurricane has a smaller footprint, much appreciated! If we'd gotten a Gravitron, the first thing I would've asked for was a de-themed version, so thanks for the Centrum!
I checked the pack in detail by now and my first thought was that it is shame that planet coaster leaving the path of being a world game. Mostly rides which can be found in UK/US parks are included lately in my opinion.
No modern rides (Disk'o, Barnyard, Windstarz, Splashbattle, Magic Bikes, Crazy Bus, Seastormride, Condor 2.0, Toppletower, Break Dance 1,3 or 4 etc.) which are setup all over the world in parks. I wonder if Frontier is afraid of the copyright.
I miss the balance there.
It is sad that Frontier still limits the coasterbuilder so much. I can't do a launched familycoaster (Intamin, Zamperla has them for a while now and Mack just had their version opened at Disneyworld for example), which is sad. Either because there is no family launchtrack i could switch the train on or because i can't set the speed of the lift upto a certain speed. But i can do people bowling.
And because the watercoaster is still set onto the adult teen listing i guess it is a no to correct it.

But i like most of parts included, the sizzler without theme is nice and i love the flowers, the bees, butterflies, the fireflies.
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