Update 1.8.2

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hello everyone,

Thank you all for sending us your feedback and reports. Just to let you know, we have released update 1.8.2 which contains multiple bug fixes.

Staff, Guests and Facilities Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where placing priority pass queues in parks where terrain editing was disabled, including the Cavernous Coasters scenario, would prevent further placement
  • The Cosmic Cow Vending Machine now vends the correct items
  • Fixed an issue where vending machines were ignored by Mechanics in custom scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where restaurant expansions could not be selected after cancelling selecting
  • Janitors no longer wait for a hotel, restaurant or toilet to become dirty before they clean it

Scenery Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a mesh seam in the Victorian Wall 4m Shopfront
  • Improved the icons for the Qin Dynasty Decorative Roof items
  • Fixed an issue where the Classical Archway Large and Classical Archway Small had text on only one side
  • Added missing Inner Corner 2m, 4m Ridge and 1.5m Gable to the Qin Dynasty roof set
  • Fixed gaps between the 1m Gable and Ridge and the 3m Gable and Ridge on the Qin Dynasty roof set

Ride Bug Fixes
  • Fixed clipping geometry on the pulley of the Jixxer and Interceptor tracks
  • Fixed an issue where the ride operator booth would clip with canopy pillars on the Polarity ride

UI Bug Fixes
  • The colour options for flat rides now have labels
  • Fixed an issue where undoing colour changes to ticket attendants would not update in the UI
  • Rides no longer highlight when attempting to add rooms to Hotels or Restaurants
  • Fixed an issue in the UI where rides would assume the tags of the last selected scenery or building piece
  • Fixed an issue where the Recent browser category did not list any recently used items
  • General stability fixes and improvements

Audio Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a missing audio effect when duplicating the Haya Sushi Swing Sign
  • Did some detective work to find and return missing audio triggers on the Firework Shape - Letter P and Firework Shape - Letter I
  • Fixed an audio stutter when attempting to advance move one of the Motorcycle coasters in the Race and Chase blueprint

Have fun and happy gaming!
[hehe] Chanté
Bug fixes are always welcome!! Thank you team :)

I'm glad the gable issues are fixed as well - I thought I was going mad.
Great to see you fixing some annoying bugs. Great job devs! Not every company is so supportive and cares about it's community[wink](best example: EA).
hmmm...the things I thought got fixed with the Qin Dynasty roofs were not fixed. Rats...I guess I'll have to wait until the next update.
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