IMPORTANT: Update 1.8 + World's Fair Pack Out Now!

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Hi coaster friends!

Ready to add some international flair to your parks? Our brand new World's Fair Pack is now LIVE. Please have your passports and boarding passes at the ready before watching the trailer below:


As per our announcement post, the World's Fair Pack is taking you on a trip around the world to immerse yourself in new cultures and flavours: there's 10 new brands which include traditional building and scenery pieces, shops, signage, vending machines, and other props for you to have a play with.

There's also two new coasters, the Jixxer and Interceptor, which are dueling motorcycle coasters, as well as a new futuristic transport ride, the Polarity. Be sure to take your guests on a high speed journey with either of those options!

Part of update 1.8 is a whole host of free content, such as restaurants, new fireworks and scenery, flexi-colour operation staff, and loads more! Be sure to check out the 1.8 update notes below for a full list of what's been added to the game.

You can get the World's Fair Pack for £7.99 on the Steam or Frontier store now. Please keep in mind that it's completely optional for you to purchase; we're very grateful for your continued support.


p.s. If you have any blueprints to share for tomorrow's livestream, please send them to or drop them below in the thread!

World's Fair Pack now available
  • Jixxer coaster and Interceptor coaster - The Jixxer and Interceptor are a duelling duo of launched motorcycle coasters with a high-speed hydraulic launched track and riders leaning into the corners as they embark on a crazy motorcycle race!
  • Polarity tracked ride - The Polarity is an unmanned rapid transport system using magnetic forces to propel the train forward at great speed. It has a unique and flexible track system with a futuristic feel
  • 10 new brands - eating experiences from different cultures, with shops, vending machines, signage and more
  • 10 vending machines - providing automatic nibbles
  • 335 building items - including brand signs, 10 new wall sets and a massive 50 piece tiled roof set
  • 62 scenery items - including giant food props, swing signs for the new brands, plus props inspired by cultures from around the world
  • 38 blueprints - including the Race and Chase duelling motorbike coaster, shops, facilities and buildings
  • New audio - 25 new triggered sound effects, 15 new music tracks and 16 new ambiences
  • New Hats - including Valkyrie helmet, crown and candy skull in 4 colours, for avatars and can be sold in the Hat's Fantastic shop
  • New Features for all players

Free Update 1.8

  • Restaurants - effective eateries for large parks
  • Restaurants are built like hotels, in that you expand capacity with additional expansions
  • Restaurants have perks and can only have one active at a time, with perks for different sizes of restaurant
  • Perks change the demographic of guests that will visit that restaurant, so you can tailor the restaurant to the types of guests that visit your park
  • Each restaurant has its own menu and you can select which items to sell from brands in the Main Game or from the World's Fair Pack
  • Menu items are licensed from brands and you pay a flat licensing fee for each brand
  • The star rating of the restaurant is affected by the number of brands you’re using, the size of the restaurant, the scenery rating and the different perks
  • Janitors are needed to maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant

  • Food Vending Machines - New options for hungry guests
  • Automated alternates for Chief Beef, Hotdog Squad, Monsieur Frites, Missy Good, Cosmic Cow, Tikichiki and Mexelente
  • New Tags and Searching - faster access to all scenery and building pieces
  • Added a slew of new tags to filter by in the scenery and building browsers, across all items in the game
  • Active filters are displayed along the top of the browser
  • Expanded the More Filters panel to accommodate more filter selections
  • The search bar now also searches items with tags that match your search, as well as the item name
  • Tags an item has are displayed in the Overview tab
  • Tag Items as Favourites - curate a selection of your most used items
  • Added a new Favourites category
  • Simply click the star on an item to add it to your favourites
  • Surely a certain tropical rock #7 would make the cut?
  • Custom Tags - create your own tags
  • From the More Filters panel or Overview tab, add tags to any object or blueprint
  • These tags can be searched or filtered as with other tags
  • Lapping Coaster mode - perfect for shuttle coasters
  • Changed and consolidated the Operations panel for coasters to include up to 3 modes - standard, lapping and block section
  • Lapping mode fixes the track to one train with a number of cars. The number of laps defines how many times the train can go through the station forwards or reverse
  • Standard mode works as it always has for most coasters with adjustable numbers of cars and trains
  • Block Sectioned mode works as it used to with the number of trains available based on the stations and block sections on the track
  • There is no change to coasters that used to have laps like Viper One or coasters that were using Block Sections already
  • Audio options for Camera Effects - add filters and reverb to your camera effects
  • New audio effect and triggered sound options have been added to the Camera Effects panel
  • Use the preset effects linked to the colour grading or mix and match
  • Like colour grading, these effects can be triggered in the Ride Cam Time Machine
  • Triggerable Pitch and Volume - change the pitch and volume of triggered sounds
  • Trigger pitch, volume or both, with instant or gradual change
  • Create musical sequences or disturbing effects
  • Operator Staff Custom Colours
  • Players can now customise the colours of staff standing at ticket booths as well as the operators of rides
  • Open and Close events for Coaster Doors
  • Coaster doors can now be triggered to open and close in addition to their original animations
  • Trigger the door to open, close, or open for a set amount of time using the trigger editors in Coasters, Flat Rides or the Display Sequencer
  • New Scenery
  • Added 42 new fireworks, including numbers, letters and special shapes

  • Added 2 Restaurant blueprints

  • Added Smooth Height and Smooth Turn options to the Coaster editor
  • Disabled the blue highlight when changing the colours of a selected item
  • Added support for Watchdog. When a game hang of longer than a minute is detected the game will prompt to crash and send a report

Ride and Coaster Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the preview of tunneling coaster sections would not update
  • Improved the cinematic camera on the Island Adventure
  • Fixed an issue where the geometry was missing from the Gold Fever track
  • Fixed an issue where the Equalizer car had an extra custom colour
  • Fixed an issue where block brakes would not appear on short sections of the Gold Fever
  • Improved the elevator doors on the Erie Elevation blueprint
  • Fixed an issue where the missing User Audio popup was appearing on the Princess Amelie's Castle Karts blueprint
  • Fixed some missing geometry on the Hellion Ring ride's base
  • Fixed an issue where the The Witch's Haunt and The Jailer's Den were not tagged correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the drive wheels on the Centrum did not spin
  • Fixed an issue where the Reverse Loop High sequence on the Centrum did not lift the ride
  • Hydraulic Launched coasters now wait for the catch car to return before launched another coaster

Scenery Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the name of small attractions would have very large numbers
  • Improved the snap points on the Biplane wing items
  • Fixed an issue where the custom colours on the Haunted House Roof Tower overlapped
  • Fixed clipping on the Adventure Temple Run blueprint
  • Improved the snapping points on the Shallow Steps Corner Outer scenery item
  • Fixed an issue where the Subway Entrance scenery item did not allow advertising
  • Fixed some missing scenery items in the Panic at the Parking Lot blueprint
  • Fixed an issue where Hotdog Squad Sign - Wall Sign 4 Lit was not, in fact, lit
  • Added an alternate Gulpee Soda Neon Sign that has a backplate
  • Fixed texture seams on the Modular Planter set
  • Fixed an issue where display cameras used world co-ordinates rather than offset from their display sequencer as a position
  • Fixed an issue where certain roof pieces would shift the building grid around
  • Fixed an issue where Spooky Candles had no base
  • Removed the Planet Coaster logo from Art Shapes items

UI Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where video billboard options could not be changed if the billboard was contained within a building
  • Fixed an issue where Haunted House Windows in the Spooky pack were missing statistics
  • Added a centre camera button in the guest popup for when guests report that they are stuck
  • Fixed an issue where the staff info panel would flicker when resized
  • Fixed an issue where UI buttons would move if the window was resized in ride cam
  • Improved the status updates for mechanics fixing coasters
  • Improved the way coaster heatmaps are selected
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the right box of a custom colour would not add it to the recent colours list
  • Fixed an issue where the time format would change to 12:00 when using camera effects
  • Added an Advanced move option for rides
  • Fixed an issue where Hotel Rooms could not be single clicked in the multi-select tool
  • Fixed an issue where the recent colours list would not be updated if editing a piece within a building
  • Improved sorting of triggers in Trigger Editors when using Sort All
  • Fixed an issue where the filters in the Research tab of the Scenario Editor would not be editable
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would scroll to the top when adding multiple triggers to a Trigger Editor
  • Fixed an issue where scenarios could not be saved when no bronze objective was set
  • Fixed an issue where recent down time was not decremented on Vending Machines
  • Fixed an issue where browser tabs would not be available when there was nothing unlocked from research
  • Fixed an issue where building names would not support apostrophes
  • Improved the frequency that autosaves occur when switching between browser tabs

General stability fixes and improvements
  • Staff, Guests and Facilities Bug Fixes
  • Improved the rate at which guests use picnic benches
  • Improved the geometry of the Police hat for child guests
  • Guests now take their hats off when riding the Loop Da Loop ride
  • Guests now have guest thoughts about games with high win rates
  • Fixed an issue where guests would perpetually watch the fireworks in the Vintage Amusement Blueprint. It was just that interesting
  • Fixed an issue where guests would not watch a fireworks display when it was moved
  • Fixed an issue where guests would try to use transport rides to get to destinations that the ride was not connected to
  • Fixed an issue where vendors in shops that had yet to be placed counted towards objectives
  • Improved the resolution of the Planet Coaster logo on the Mechanic
  • Fixed an issue where a shop would always remain un-staffed in the Chief Beef's Raceway scenario

Audio Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Pirate Band's audio would be occluded at certain angles
  • Fixed an issue where the Vintage Quartet Band's audio would be occluded at certain angles
  • Added a missing thud to the animation of the Ancient Rock door
  • Fixed an issue where high pitched sound would trigger on the Forge ride
  • Music speakers now default to No Music when placed
  • Fixed an issue where the audio for hotels and staff buildings did not sync with the game speed


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Hooray! Thanks everyone at Frontier! Thanks for being so passionate about this wonderful game! <3

I'll look into the new update and DLC as soon as I get home from work... :D
That patch notes list certainly looks impressive!

Downloaded, already in, immediately checked to see if you can put the Jixxer/Interceptor Bikes on the Barghest's track and you can!

Now back to playing [big grin]
Great update notes! Although still such a shame about this one:
  • There is no change to coasters that used to have laps like Viper One or coasters that were using Block Sections already
I'm loving the new tab format.
The no blue glow is awesome!
I have the feeling this will be my favourite update ever.
Great work Dev's and Thank you Bo! [heart][heart][heart]
Really lovely trailer, congratulations for whoever made it! It's great whenever King Coaster gets a little time in the spotlight.

Can't wait to play tonight.
Increase in picnic bench usage? It’s the little things that make me smile 😊.

Overall sounds like a fantastic update when taken as a whole.
The Polarity tracked ride is my new favourite ride in the game! Congrats to the devs... the look of that ride, the animation and that perfectly built tracksystem - this is just an amazing piece of art, looking so cool and beautiful! And the trailer is pure eye candy! Can't wait to play and build with that amazing add-on! Thank you so much! Best game ever! A lot of greets, Corkscrewloop[happy]


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Special thanks to the amazing QA team for all of the fixes for bugs and issues. That's a nice list of improvements! : )
Loving the update so far! :D

I'm sure others are thinking the same thing but are the new DLC brands going to be added to restaurant menus anytime soon?
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