Update 17 Release Notes

Re-installed ED a couple of days ago, didn't realise an update was in the works (Steaming it's way down to my PC as I type). Really enjoying my new foray into ED. Thank you all in the community for continuing to grow ED. Looking forward to the 10 year anniversary celebrations....................


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As more of you begin to buckle up, please do be aware that there's a possibility that there may be the odd disconnect here and there during these early moments since release.
Fear not, we're monitoring and the team are keeping a keen eye on making sure stability is maintained as best possible for you o7
Thank you for your patience as always if you are impacted.
Servers seem to be having their usual post-update meltdown... took like 5 minutes for the play buttons on the main menu to be usable, then got stuck at the spinny orange ship for several more minutes. Eventually got in though.

edit: ninja'd by Sally, lol
The servers seem to be having trouble retrieving my save file - twice it’s shown me as 0creds and puts me into the onfoot tutorial, once shown correct money but tutorial time again, once (the first time) actually worked.

Time for a bit of a wait 😁
At the risk of inviting doom ™️ everything seems to be OK this end. Downloaded in just under 5 mins and seems seemless (/groan)

Now, what's all this stuff about Sol, then?

Edit: Ooooh - what's that over there? And we thought it was a long way down to the chemist. Even Hutton is blushing.
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Has the issue concerning plotting a hyperspace route using a boosted FSD been resolved? I couldn’t find any indication in the patch notes.

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If anyone's looking for a sunlit Spire site then Hyades Sector HW-M b7-4 looks good (I've been checking around Taranis and as usual everywhere is dark)
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