Patch Notes Update Update 3.0.5

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Will Flanagan

Product Manager
Hello everyone,

We are taking the PC galaxy servers down now for the 3.0.5 update which will fix the Trade Data issue detailed yesterday. We do not have an estimated time when the servers will be back online but we'll communicate here and on our social media channels when they are.

The fix will come on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One early next week and we'll update you here when that fix will come.

See the changelog below.

Galaxy/System Map

  • Fixed an issue that caused a Commander's Trade Data to not display

EDIT: We've made some server-side corrections and you can find those below:

Local News
  • Fixed new local generated news articles not displaying
  • Legacy authored local news is no longer shown

  • Fixed rank-up missions incorrectly increasing rank with the opposing Superpower
  • Reduced overloading Mission Boards to prevent disconnection issues

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to get into destroyed ships
what about missing items for mission rewards like neofabric insulation? I saw it once only and never since. you need to make it more accessible.
Thanks for getting the patchnotes/explanation up before the servers are offline. Not sure why it makes such a difference to how the process 'feels' at the user end, but it really does help. ty!
I had the same issue, FDev told me to verify or validate game files, if that doesn’t work, reinstall the game files should fix it.
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I love regular updates in short times. Waiting for the next big step to get things sorted is always a mess. So thumbs up today! [up]

Waiting short times? It normally takes them hours to do a small update. Other game updates take about 15 mins and they have the patch ready to go beforehand, but frontier somehow need to shut everything down for hours at least once a week to fix their issues. Kinda annoying
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Are the in game clocks gonna change to match the country we live in, in the UK the clocks went forward an hour on Sunday and the in game clocks are showing the wrong time now.
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