Patch Notes Update Update 3.1.1

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Rearranged incorrectly placed internal power modules on the Alliance Chieftain, Alliance Challenger and Krait Mk.II

What does this mean exactly? Can someone explain that and the ramifications?

What about the system security ships attacking each other and everyone spawning in in combat zones being hostile towards you? It's only fun and games until they turn on you even though you don't have a bounty... :(
Thanks for the update Paul, and thanks to the team for the quick work!

If you mean them still functioning after taking the Power Plant to 0% then that is not a bug. It reduces the output of the PP by 50% and they are just good at managing it.

Not just functioning, but recharging shields, using SCBs, and firing weapons, even with a 0% PP. It's definitely a bug, and they acknowledged it in the known 3.1 issues thread.
The "Reboot/Repair" and Self Destruct options disappear when undocking. Has this been fixed?

After the download, the Reboot/Repair and self destruct buttons are back!
Thank you FD.
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No mention of a fix for the system names appearing incorrectly in planetary scan missions from both the transactions tab and when taking the mission.

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