Patch Notes Update Update 3.2

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Observations on returning to play after the update:

The new flight model seems smoother. As usual, this is Elite's saving grace.

The minor design flaws in the mission system mask the major flaw: Without checking to *see* if you have picked up the mission cargo, you can arrive at the delivery point without it. It is easier than ever to fail stacked missions. Of course, I found out the hard way.

If a mission does not cover the rebuy of your ship, especially if you are flying chained/stacked missions, it is very difficult to justify accepting it. I found my Python being interdicted continually by the latest, greatest ship designs, during seemingly vanilla missions. The designers are *very* proud of their British Main Battle Tanks, and the Krait. Note: I play exclusively in solo, and trade with a fully armed and armored/shielded Python. Chain interdictions were common.

BGS play has reached new levels of intensity. After a multi-month break from my main account, I found that my new home port had changed hands to another faction. It took some time to build up the rep I had gained trading with the old controlling faction, with the new one. There really is no difference between how the factions operate- the BGS players do not truly have control over the station, but have simply changed the name on the front door. It is annoying to have to rebuild the rep for the mission board, etc.

I went back to my old home of Borscht. At least I am familiar with the astrography. That cost about a million.

To fit the new ship types in, many shipyards have cut the selection of old standard designs back. One can find Kraits on the way to Colonia, for example. The Krait has replaced the Anaconda, at Borscht. The alt account has moved back to Colonia, and found many anomalies in local shipyards.

I have found very little that interests me in the Thargoid, or Guardian storylines.

My ships were all engineered this spring. and I have little need to collect materials. The community goals have little appeal for me. Looking at the new Galaxy Map (damaged/destroyed ports), moving the alt account to Colonia was a good idea. All the ships in the alt account had also been engineered. About a hundred million credits later, I have a Python, Asp Explorer, and a Cobra 3 located there. I'm mulling if the main account should do the same, given how much interest I have lost in activities inside the bubble. Selling my excess in the main account, and moving, has been made much easier by the lack of activities that would keep me in the bubble.

Only the promised upgrades to exploration and mining in December keep my interest up. Once again, the focus of this upgrade seems to have been new combat ships, and a Guardian storyline.

PSA: Beware of British Main Battle Tanks, especially those with Kansas plates (expired January 1986), registered to a "B. Arnold". Both the St. Louis City, and Shrewsbury Police Departments have camcorder video of one flattening me early this summer. They show an undead British Nanny in the track commander's station, placing a curse on all, until Halloween...
FRONTIER is not listening, to the community I sometime think why do we all bother wasting our time add threads and suggestions of which there are some amazing ideas from players..but what do we get, "Shoot it, Collect it, Grind it." maybe it will turn in to a arcade shooter.

Or maybe it will turn into freeware and the community will take over development, after FD go bankrupt because they are not actually capable of delivering completed games for the money that they cynically rake in.
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