Patch Notes Update Update 3.3.03

And whats about the bugs after the update? Landing on any station not possible. Since chapter 4 the game is not functional.
I attempted to logon to Elite this evening through steam and I am unable to. I launched Elite through steam and when attempting to login I get the error "Failed to parse server response: Invalid JSON primitive". Is anyone else having this issue?
Could we please get rid of the popup notifications in the middle of the screen? Why do we need to see them 2 times, they already show up in the info panel and these notifications cover up important information that i would actually care for. Please at least add an option for us to disable or hide them.
This isn't solved!!! Happened after mapping the 4th planet in a row...
From what I can tell after a long exploration trip last night, the first planet you scan in a system is always OK.

It's only on the 2nd or 3rd one that it screws up.

It's only an annoyance when you need 7 or fewer probes (because I know pretty much where to aim them) but for anything larger, say a gas giant, it makes it unplayable. :(
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There are no bugs. The game is in a FANTASTIC state right now!
Of course there are bugs, the software was produced by human beings who are fallible not the perfect infallible fictitious deity of your choice, what you mean is probably that what "game breaking" bugs there are don't affect they parts of the game you play.

I find the same thing that for how I spend most of my time in game the bugs have a minimal effect, the trouble is not everyone plays the same way and those players who specialise in the areas of the game worst affected scream at you when you say the game isn't broken just not perfect.
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