Update 6 your thoughts?

Minor performance increase in ground CZs for me, but it is so spikey that it is still unplayable. FSR makes things look jaggy and gives no noticeable frame increase. I'm glad they are fixing things, but the ground performance issues are a bloody nightmare. My systems surpasses the recommended specs, I should not be getting sub 30 frames anywhere (hell for recommended I shouldn't be getting less than 60...but at this point expecting this game to perform like a game from the 2000s seems like a pipe dream).
Still plenty of things broken.
They fixed ADS for the Opressor but not for the Intimidator? Wut?
I can’t aim down sights since Update 5…

In addition sharpening disappeared, FSR at 1440p on the highest quality gives a very blurry image, holding 1 second for taking an item is silly… so far I can’t say I’m impressed :(
I love that the default "High" settings now include FSR running in Performance mode (so like 0.5x subsampling) by default so they can claim to have improved framerates without actually doing anything to fix the game. As soon as they implemented CAS I knew they were going to use upscaling as an excuse to avoid actually fixing anything. Console players, enjoy playing at 360p upscaled, I guess.
I eagerly await new gameplay videos to watch. Of particular interest is planetary tech from about 1 to 2 km above the surface while flying over at high speed. Texture resolution, LOD-popping, terrain morphing vs draw distance, and shadows are particulars that I hope will eventually be improved to Horizons quality. Oh, and of course performance!
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